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Ahead of Time
2009, USA/ Israel, 73 minutes, Color/ B&W
English & Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Robert Richman

Born in Brooklyn in 1911, Ruth Gruber became the youngest Ph.D. in the world before going on to become an international foreign correspondent and photojournalist at age 24. She emerged as the eyes and conscience of the world. With her love of adventure, fearlessness and powerful intellect, Ruth defied tradition in an extraordinary career that spanned more than seven decades. More

All Jews Out! (Alle Juden Raus!)
Germany, 1990, 82 minutes, color/B&W
German with English subtitles
Directed by Emanuel Rund

16mm DVD
Tracing the story of the German-Jewish Auerbacher family of Goppingen, Germany, from 1933 through 1945, Rund’s documentary utilizes the family’s home movies from the 1930s, as well as interviews and footage of the family’s return visit to their home town, and to Theresienstadt. More

Alois Brunner: The Last Nazi
USA, 2000, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Monika Kopla
Alois Brunner is the most notorious Nazi war criminal still alive. This documentary includes interviews with the last journalist to have questioned Brunner and with Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld, who has, since the end of World War II, been pursuing Brunner—the man who murdered his father. More

Israel, 1994, 53 minutes, color/B&W
English and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Ilana Tsur

In 1948, the Altalena arrived in Israel carrying 930 World War II refugees and ammunition amassed by the irgun in direct violation of Prime Minister David Ben Gurion's new military chain-of-command. Ben Gurion gave an order to shell the ship, forcing Jews to fire on Jews and almost sparking a civil war. More

American Jerusalem: Jews and the Making of San Francisco
USA, 2013, 57 minutes
Directed by Marc Shaffer
Blu-ray DVD
The remarkable story of the pioneering Jews of San Francisco. Drawn to California by the Gold Rush, Jews were welcomed in San Francisco. They went on to build a thriving community, the second largest Jewish community in the United States after New York. With a newfound freedom, Jews played a central role in the transformation of this once-sleepy maritime village into the largest metropolis in the American West. More

Angel of Ahlem
USA, 2007, 61 minutes, color and B&W
Directed by Sandra Dickson, Churchill Roberts, Cindy Hill & Cara Pilson

While liberating the Ahlem concentration camp, GI Vernon Tott felt compelled to photograph the horror. 50 years later, Vernon sets out to find the men he photographed, a quest that transforms all their lives. The evidence—of unbearable cruelty and miraculous survival—cements a sustaining bond between Vernon and the Jewish survivors.

Australia, 1993, 56 minutes, color
Directed by Judy Menczel

Angst looks at the lives nd performances of three Jewish comedians—Deb Filler, Sandy Gutman, and Moshe Waldoks—whose parents are concentration camp survivors.

Appelfeld's Table
Israel, 2004, 47 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Adi Japhet Fuchs
Imagination, memories, and fiction combine in this film about the life and world of renowned Israeli writer Aharon Appelfeld. The film joins the author on his daily pilgrimages to the Jerusalem café, Anna Ticho House. More

The Arena (Ha-Zirah)
Israel, 2001, 48 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Moish Goldberg & Yonatan Gurfinke

This is a story of a town square—the Kings of Israel Square, known as Rabin Square. When a controversial plan to convert the square into a parking lot is discovered, the relevance and importance of the square are heightened. More

As If It Were Yesterday (Comme si c'était hier)
Belgium, 1980, 85 minutes, B&W
French and Flemish with English subtitles
Directed by Myriam Abramowicz and Esther Hoffenberg

16mm DVD
This film documents the little-known heroism of the Belgian Resistance who, during the Nazi occupation, hid over 4,000 Jewish children, rescuing them from deportation and extermination. More

Auschwitz (Oswiecim)
USSR, 1945, 21 minutes, B&W
English narration
Produced at the Central Documentary Film Studio
16mm DVD
This Soviet Army film of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp was awarded the Red Banner in 1945. It contains dramatic footage of the survivors and some of the atrocities perpetrated in this most notorious of camps. More

Palestine, 1935, 50 minutes, B&W
Music only with English subtitles
Director: Helmar Lerski
35mm DVD
This landmark documentary celebrates the pioneering labors of early Jewish settlers in Palestine, recording the technological and agricultural accomplishments of the pioneers and the idea of a socialist Jewish state. More

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Back To Gombin
USA, 2002, 56 minutes, color
Directed by Minna Packer
A tapestry of film and photographs including rare footage shot in Gombin in 1937, this film tells the story of a group of 50 children of survivors of the Shoah, who return to their parents’ Polish village of Gombin and experience acts of reconciliation, healing, and discovery. More

Baklava and The Meaning of Life
USA, 1999, 23 minutes, color
Directed by Jamil Simon

Where does one find the meaning of life? Perhaps in the kitchen of Iraqi-born sculptor Helene Simon, where she discusses her life and shows us how to make her famous Baklava. More

The Balcony
Israel, 2000, 54 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Ruth Walk

A moving portrait of Israel Becker, a founder of the first professional Yiddish theatrical company in post-war Germany and writer and star of the 1946 autobiographic feature film Long is the Road (restored by NCJF), the first feature to portray the Holocaust from a Jewish point of view. More

Being Jewish in France (Comme un juif en France)
France, 2007, 185 minutes (Part I, 73 minutes; Part II, 112 minutes), color
French with English subtitles
Written and Directed by Yves Jeuland

A sweeping documentary that explores the complex history of Jews in France--the first country to grant Jews citizenship--beginning with Revolutionary cries of Vive la France in Yiddish through the explosive Dreyfus Affair, and the absorption of Jews from Arab countries in the 1960s to charges of rising antisemitism in the 21st century. More

Ben Dov: Images of a Dreamer
France, 1999, 55 minutes, color/B&W
Hebrew and French with English subtitles
Directed by Alex Szalat

16mm DVD
Yorn near Kiev in 1882, Yakov Ben Dov came to Jerusalem from the Ukraine in 1907 with little more than a still camera to his name. He became one of the most accomplished photographers and filmmakers of his time. More

The Bene Israel: A Family Portrait
India, 1994, 33 minutes, color
Marathi with English subtitles
Directed by Karen Nathanson and Jean-Francois Fernandez

This film is both an intimate family portrait and a fascinating ethnographic study of the Bene Israel, one of three groups of Jews living in India today. More

Bewoket: By the Will of God
USA, 2009, 66 minutes, color
English and Amharic with English subtitles
Directed by Andrea Mydlarz Zeller & Sam Shnider
In 1990, Dr. Rick Hodes went to Ethiopia to set up medical clinics. He never left. "Dr. Rick" treats thousands of Ethiopians, among them a group of boys who live with him. An Orthodox Jew, he typifies the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam ("repairing the world"). More

Bitter Herbs and Honey
Australia, 1996, 70 minutes, color
Directed by Monique Schwartz
16mm DVD
After World War II thousands of poor, Jewish immigrants fled Europe to rebuild their lives in Carlton, Australia. These new arrivals chose to maintain their own language, religion, and culture. More

Blood Money
The Netherlands, 2001, 58 minutes, color
Directed by Benny Brunner & Daniel Cil Brecher
Millions of Jewish victims of the Holocaust have claimed and obtained monetary compensation for their persecution, enslavement, and dispossession. Blood Money investigates the motivations and political maneuvers which accompanied the complex restitution agreements. More

Bonjour! Shalom!
Canada, 1991, 53 minutes, color
Directed by Garry Beitel
16mm DVD
In the small Montreal municipality of Outremont, two very different communities live side by side: Hassidic Jews and their French-Catholic neighbors. This award-winning film examines the complex dynamics involved in this clash of cultures. More

Born in Berlin (Shalosh Nashim)
Israel, 1991, 85 minutes, color/B&W
German, English, Swedish and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Naomi Ben-Natan and Leora Kamenetzky
A penetrating look at the lives of three Jewish women writers: Cordelia Edvardson, Angelika Schrobsdorff, and Inge Deutschkron. All three grew up in pre-war Berlin until Nazi racial laws shattered their lives, and eventually all three made their way to Israel. More

Born in Buenos Aires
USA, 2003, 40 minutes, color
English and Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Beth Toni Kruvant
This documentary provides personal insight into the difficult situation faced by many Jews in Argentina, particularly following the bombings of the Israeli embassy and AMIA Jewish community Center, both in Buenos Aires, in the 1990s. More

Both Sides of the Wire
Canada, 1993, 51 minutes, color
Directed by Neal Livingston
16mm DVD
In 1940, the British government shipped thousands of refugees, most of them Jews, to P.O.W. camps in Canada and Australia. The Canadian government, while still refusing entry to Jewish refugees, realized that their prisoners were civilian refugees and not the Nazis they were expecting. More

Bound for Nowhere: The St. Louis Episode
USA, 1939, 9 minutes, B&W
Produced by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
16mm DVD
The JDC produced this film to record what it thought would be a successful effort to save over 900 Jews, by sailing them from Nazi Germany to Cuba on the ship St. Louis, but Cuba and then the United States barred the refugees’ entrance. More

Breaking the Silence: The Generation After the Holocaust
USA, 1984, 58 minutes, color
Directed by Edward A. Mason; Produced by Eva Fogelman

This classic film tells a moving story of personal growth as the children of Holocaust survivors find the strength to confront their painful legacy and overcome the barriers of unasked and unanswered questions that separate them from their parents. More

The Buchenwald Ball
Australia, 2006, 52 minutes, color
Directed by Andrew Wiseman, Danny Ben-Moshe & Uri Mizrahi
Uplifting, full of swagger and joie de vivre, this film tells the story of 45 orphans who survived the Holocaust and found their way to Australia. Every year on April 11, the anniversary of their liberation from Buchenwald, the “Buchenwald Boys” hold a music and dancing ball. More

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Carvalho's Journey
USA, 2015, 85 minutes
Directed by Steve Rivo

Digital Blu-ray DVD
A real life 19th-century American western adventure story, Carvalho's Journey tells the extraordinary story of Solomon Nunes Carvalho (1815-1897), an observant Sephardic Jew born in Charleston, South Carolina, and his life as a groundbreaking explorer and artist. The film interweaves stunning HD digital and 16mm film landscape cinematography, rare 19th century photographs and artwork, Carvalho’s own surviving paintings and daguerreotypes, and interviews with scholars and artists, including modern day daguerreotypist Robert Shlaer who recreates Carvalho’s original daguerreotypes on location. More

Chasing Shadows
UK, 1990, 52 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Naomi Gryn
16mm DVD
Hugo Gryn was 15 years old when he left his hometown, Berohovo, believing he would never see it again. In 1990, Gryn and his daughter, filmmaker Naomi Gryn returned to the world of his childhood, where only ghosts and shadows remain. More

Children Must Laugh (Mir Kumen On)
Poland, 1935, 63 minutes, B&W
English & Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by Aleksander Ford for the Jewish Labor Bund
16mm DVD
One of the few surviving documentaries about Jewish life in Poland before World War II, this film was produced to raise funds for the Vladimir Medem Sanitarium which stood as the embodiment of health and enlightenment, in striking contrast to the grim images of urban Polish-Jewish poverty. More

The Children of Izieu
USA, 1992, 28 minutes, color
Directed by Tom Demenkoff

In 1944, one month before the end of World War II, the Gestapo in Lyon, under the command of Klaus Barbie, sent two vans to the French village of Izieu to remove the Jewish children from an orphanage known as La Maison d’Izieu. More

Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising According to Marek Edelman
(Kronika powstania w getcie warszawskim wg Marka Edelmana)

Poland, 1994, 70 minutes, B&W
Polish with English subtitles
Directed by Jolanta Dylewska
Marek Edelman, a member of the Jewish Labor Bund and a leading participant in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, gives a daily account of events from April 19 through May 10, 1942. More

Israel, 2009, 48 minutes
English narration and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Tal Haim Yoffe

A fascinating investigation that mirrors the development of Israel itself. Shaking his own family tree in this beautifully-crafted documentary, Tal Yoffe discovers a pioneering kibbutznik filmmaker, a Czarist army officer, a Nazi-trained blacksmith, several war heroes and a much missed father. More

  Cuba’s Forgotten Jewels: A Haven in Havana
USA, 2017, 46 minutes, color
Directed By Robin Truesdale & Judy Kreith

DVD Blu-ray DCP
Explore the little-known history of the Jewish refugees who escaped Nazi-occupied Europe for the Caribbean island of Cuba. The documentary recalls the refugees' lives in wartime Havana: the draw of Cuban food, music and dance, its language and people, and the challenges of an unfamiliar land. Shot on location in Cuba, featuring an original score of Cuban and Jewish music. More

  Cuba’s Forgotten Jewels: A Haven in Havana
USA, 2017, 46 minutes, color
Directed By Robin Truesdale & Judy Kreith

DVD Blu-ray DCP
Explore the little-known history of the Jewish refugees who escaped Nazi-occupied Europe for the Caribbean island of Cuba. The documentary recalls the refugees' lives in wartime Havana: the draw of Cuban food, music and dance, its language and people, and the challenges of an unfamiliar land. Shot on location in Cuba, featuring an original score of Cuban and Jewish music. More

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Daffke...The Four Lives of Inge Deutschkron (Daffke...! Die vier Leben der Inge D.)
Germany, 1999, 90 minutes, color
(English Language version)
Directed byWolfgang Kolneder

Holocaust survivor and author Inge Deutschkron’s story comes to the screen in this film chronicling 70 years of her life and career. More

Danzig 1939
USA, 1980, 30 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Sidney Reichman for the Jewish Museum of New York
All but approximately 100 Danzig Jews escaped the Nazi terror because local synagogue leaders made the unprecedented move of selling their religious artifacts and using the proceeds to finance the immigration of the entire community. In this film a group of reunited Danzig survivors identify the artifacts and explore the history of their families. More

Das Kind (L'Enfant, The Child)
2010, France, 93 minutes, color
French, Romanian & German with English subtitles
Directed by Yonathan Levy
95-year old Irma Miko was born in Romania in 1914. A Jewish Communist and political activist from age 14, Irma joined the French Resistance in Paris in 1941. Her unimaginably dangerous assignment was to bring occupying German soldiers into the Resistance. A deeply moving account of a vanishing world and a portrait of an extraordinary, brave woman, the film won Best Film at the European Independent Film Festival, Paris. More

A Day In Warsaw
Poland, 1938, 10 minutes, B&W
Yiddish with complete new English subtitles
Produced by Shaul and Yitzhak Goskin
16mm DVD
Rare pre-war views of the lively Jewish neighborhoods of Warsaw—home to 400,000 Jews lived before World War II—including Zamenhof Street and the commercial “beehive” Nalewki Street. More

Days of Memory
Lithuania, 1999, 65 minutes, color/B&W
Lithuanian, Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles and English narration
Directed by Saulius Berzinis
This overview of an academic conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the destruction of the Vilna Ghetto held in Vilna in 1993 includes contemporary footage juxtaposed with historical visual materials. More

Death Mills aka Mills of Death (Die Todesmuhlen)
USA, 1945, 22 minutes, B&W
Produced by the U.S. Department of War Information
16mm DVD
Originally made with a German soundtrack for screening in occupied Germany and Austria, this film was the first documentary to show what the Allies found when they liberated the Nazi extermination camps: the survivors, the conditions, and the evidence of mass murder. More

Diamonds in the Snow
USA, 1994, 59 minutes, color
Directed by Mira Reym Binford

16mm DVD
Thousands of Jewish children lived in the Polish city of Bendzin before the Holocaust. Barely a dozen survived the community’s destruction. This critically-acclaimed documentary tells the story of three of these children—Ada, Shulamit, and the filmmaker herself, Mira. More

Dream of My People
USA, 1934, 66 minutes, B&W
Directed by A.J. Bloome for Palestine-American Film Co.
16mm DVD
A rare, early documentary on Palestine, featuring the last appearance of Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt. More

Dreamers and Builders
Israel, 1996, 50 minutes, B&W
Directed by Yaakov Gross
This historic document of Palestine during the tumultuous 1920s includes footage from three rare films by Ya'akov Ben Dov, the father of Hebrew cinema, preserved in a joint project by the National Center for Jewish Film and the Israel Film Archive. More

Dreyfus Revisited: A Current Affair
USA, 2006, 17 minutes
Written & Produced by: Lorraine Beitler
Directed by: Jonathan Gruber, Dawn Freer & Patricia Giniger Snyder

The Dreyfus Affair, one of history�s most notorious cases of criminal injustice and antisemitism, split French public opinion and set off an international uproar that resulted in anti-Jewish riots in every major city in France, violence that served as a prelude to the Holocaust and as a catalyst to the development of modern Zionism. More

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The Eighty-First Blow (Ha-Makah Hashmonim V'Echad)
Israel, 1975, 91 minutes (originally 115 minutes), B&W
Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by David Bergman
This Academy Award-nominated film is the first documentary of a trilogy produced under the auspices of the Israeli Ghetto Fighters' House' (Beit Lohamei Haghetaot). The project constitutes one of the most ambitious attempts at a comprehensive film history of the Holocaust. More

Einsatzgruppen: The Death Brigades (Les Commandos de la Mort)
France, 2009, 180 minutes (Two parts)
English narration, French, German w/ English subtitles
Directed by Michaël Prazan
Nazi mobile killing squads, led by highly-educated officers and aided by local collaborators, systematically murdered over a million Jews. Who were the men who carried out mass murder at close range? Prazan's definitive masterwork features a powerful array of astounding, never-seen-before film and photographs. “Essential viewing” – Variety More

Escape to the Rising Sun (Survivre à Shanghai)
Belgium, 1990, 95 minutes, color
French with English narration
Directed by Diane Perelsztejn
35mm DVD VHS
In 1939, European Jews lucky enough to escape the Nazis had only one place in the world to go that did not require an exit visa: Shanghai. Escape to the Rising Sun tells the little-known story of nearly 5,000 Jews who reached Shanghai. More

Exodus to Berlin
USA/Germany, 2001, 90 minutes, color
English and German with English subtitles
Directed by Peter Laufer and Jeff Kamen
The collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe unleashed anti-semitism in the former Soviet bloc, creating the first massive exodus of Jews since the end of World War II. Today, in bittersweet irony, tens of thousands of Jews escape persecution by fleeing to Germany. More

Expulsion and Memory
Canada, 1996, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Simcha Jacobovici and Roger Pyke
This documentary traces the descendants of Spanish Jews who were forced to either flee or convert to Catholicism after Queen Isabella's edict of 1492. Many of these Jews had to practice their religion in secret, passing their furtively-recalled customs down through the generations. More

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Fiestaremos! Judy Frankel and the Sephardic Music Tradition
USA, 2008, 30 minutes, color
English with songs in Ladino
Directed by Kathleen Regan
Judy Frankel was one of the leading collectors and practitioners of Sephardic folk music. Fiestaremos! includes interviews with Frankel, musical excerpts and performances in an intimate look at Frankel and Sephardic music and songs. More

Finding Leah Tickotsky: A Discovery of Heritage in Poland
USA, 2010, 48 minutes, color
Directed by Sarah Golabek-Goldman
This documentary explores Polish-Jewish relations as well as one filmmaker's personal journey to discover her family roots. Through her eyes, Finding Leah Tickotsky provides a perspective on one of the most painful periods in history and serves as a reminder of the extraordinary contributions Jews made to Poland over nine centuries. More

Flames in the Ashes (Pnei Hamered)
Israel, 1985, 90 minutes, B&W
Yiddish and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Haim Gouri and Jacquot Erlich
This film, the third in a trilogy (The Eighty-First Blow ,The Last Sea ) examines Jewish resistance during World War II. More

Force of Evil
USA, 1989, 60 minutes, color
Produced by Steven Schlow
This Emmy Award-winning documentary traces the rise of Nazism in general and the career of Adolf Eichmann in particular by documenting the small incremental steps the Nazis took to introduce their ideology of anti-semitism in Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II. More

Forever Activists! Stories from the Veterans of Abraham Lincoln Brigade
USA, 1991, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Judith Montell
16mm DVD
The Spanish Civil War and the October 1986 reunion of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade serve as the backdrop to Judith Montell's documentary on these heroic veterans and their years of activism. Nominated for an Academy Award. More

Forgotten Children
Australia, 2009, 55 minutes, color
Directed by Monique Schwarz
Amid the crisis surrounding the education of Aboriginal children in Australia, there is a ray of hope. The unlikely source: Israeli teachers. Follow a team of Israeli educators as they bring a new method for teaching at-risk kids to the Australian outback. More

Four Friends (Pegisha Hozeret)
Israel, 2000, 60 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Esther Dar
16mm DVD
Four women—a Palestinian Moslem; a Palestinian Christian; a Jew from a prominent Zionist family; and a Jew from Tel Aviv—roommates at an Anglican boarding school in Jerusalem in 1939, meet 50 years later for a reunion. More

The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists
USA, 1980, 60 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher
Dramatic documentary portrait of immigrant life as seen through the eyes of the sweatshop workers who made of the Jewish anarchist movement. More

From Philadelphia to the Front
USA, 2005, 37 minutes, color
Directed by Judy Gelles and Marianne Bernstein
This award-winning film is one of the few documentaries to explore the experiences of Jewish-American World War II soldiers. For Jews, the war to defeat Hitler had deeply personal significance. An audience favorite, this film focuses on six Philadelphia veterans, now in their 80’s. More

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Genocide: 1941-1945; The World at War (No. 20)
UK, 1975, 52 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Michael Darlow
16mm VHS
Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier, this documentary remains one of the best comprehensive overviews of the Holocaust and is an excellent tool for teacher training. More

Germany Awake (Deutschland, erwache!)
West Germany, 1968, 90 minutes, B&W
German with English narration and subtitles
Directed by Erwin Leiser
This compilation film examines the use of feature films as a political weapon in the Third Reich. More

Girona: The Mother of Israel, The Jews of Catalonia
USA, 1989, 30 minutes, color
Directed by Patricia Giniger Snyder
This film documents Jewish daily life in Girona, a city in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia, from its “golden age” in the middle ages through the expulsion of Spanish Jewry in 1492 and up to the present day. More

Golda Meir
UK, 1971, 52 minutes, color/B&W
Produced by the BBC
A close-up documentary portrait of one of the century's outstanding women and an illustrated account of the dramatic events in which she was a leading protagonist. More

Great Cantors in Cinema/ Great Cantors of the Golden Age
USA, 2006, 120 minutes, B&W/color
Hebrew, Yiddish and English with English subtitles
Directed by Rich Pontius; Produced by Cantor Murray Simon
2 DVD Set
These two films feature some of the rarest and finest performances of renowned cantors from 1910 to the 1940s, including Adolph Katchko, Yossele Rosenblatt, David Roitman, Joseph Shlisky, and Mordechai Hershman, Moshe Koussevitsky, and Leibele Waldman. More

The Green Dumpster Mystery (Ha'taalumah Ba'meholah Ha'yerukah)
Israel, 2008, 50 minutes
English narration
Directed by Tal Haim Yoffe

Traveling on his scooter through Tel Aviv, filmmaker Tal Haim Yoffe finds a discarded box of old photographs in a green dumpster. This docu-detective film, slowly unwinds a family history, beginning in Lodz, Poland, and traveling through the Siberian Gulag, a Samarkand sugar plant, a Ha’apala ship and the battlefields of the Sinai Peninsula. More

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Half the Kingdom
Canada, 1989, 58 minutes, color
Directed by Francine E. Zuckerman & Roushell N. Goldstein
In this provocative, award-winning documentary seven remarkable women from Canada, Israel, and the United States strive to find common ground between religious and cultural tradition and contemporary feminist principles. More

Hatikvah: The Hope
Germany, 1936, 48 minutes, B&W
Silent with German and English intertitles
Produced by the German Zionist Union
16mm DVD
Made in 1936 in an effort to inspire German Jews under Nazi rule to make aliyah to Palestine, this documentary about the earliest period of Zionist history is a singular celluloid artifact. More

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream
USA, 1997, 100 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Simcha Jacobovici
Based on Neal Gabler's best-selling book, this award-winning film tells the story of the Jewish moguls who founded Hollywood. All were immigrants, or children of immigrants, who wanted to reinvent themselves as Americans. More

The Holocaust Tourist
UK, 2005, 10 min, color
Directed by Jes Benstock

A wry, animated documentary about how Holocaust tourism distorts history. A whistle-stop tour from Auschwitz hot-dogs to Krakow's kitsch Judaica. More

How To: Be Or Not To Be
Netherlands, 2008, 58 minutes
English and Dutch with English subtitles
Directed by Erga Netz
Dutch, Surinamese, African, Catholics, Muslims, Jews: young people from all over The Netherlands adapt Sholem Aleichem’s 1907 novel The Bloody Hoax at a unique international, multicultural theater school in Amsterdam. More

How To Re-Establish a Vodka Empire
UK, 2012, 75 minutes
Written and Directed by Dan Edelstyn
DCP, DigiBeta, BluRay, DVD
When British filmmaker Edelstyn travels to the Ukraine in search of his Jewish roots and discovers that the vodka distillery opened by his great grandfather in 1904 is still in operation, he decides--despite his utter lack of business experience--to become a liquor entrepreneur. "A barnstorming tale of vodka and revolution." --BBC Radio More

Human Failure (Menschliches Versagen)
Germany, 2008, 91 minutes
German with English subtitles
Directed by Michael Verhoeven
Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Verhoeven's documentary documents the bizarre competition that developed between bureaucrats as to how to organize the robbery of the Jews prior to their deportation and death. Until just several years ago, the documents proving this planned expropriation were lost, destroyed or hidden away. More

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I Am Joseph, Your Brother
Israel, 2001, 59 minutes, color
Directed by Amy Kronish and Eli Tal-El
Inspired by the visit of Pope John Paul II to Israel in the year 2000, I am Joseph Your Brother assesses and reflects on the changes that have occurred in the often difficult and turbulent relationship that has existed for centuries between Jews and Christians. More

I Miss the Sun
USA, 1984, 20 minutes, color
Directed by Mary Halawani
16mm DVD
Halawani profiles her grandmother, Rosette Hakim, the daughter of a prominent Egyptian-Jewish family who fled her homeland in 1959 when Egyptian anti-Zionist sentiments increased and when hundreds of Jews, suspected of pro-Communist activities, were interned in detention camps. More

In Search of Jewish Amsterdam
Denmark, 1975, 70 minutes, color
English, Dutch and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Philo Bregstein
16mm DVD VHS
Through the interplay of past and present, Bregstein sets out to discover what Jewish life was like in Amsterdam before the virtual annihilation of the city's Jewish population during World War II. More

The Inheritance
USA, 1964, 58 minutes, B&W
Produced by Harold Mayer
16mm DVD
A portrait of 20th century America as seen through the eyes of its working people: immigrants in the early 1900s, workers in sweatshops, coal mines, and textile mills, soldiers on the battlefields of world wars I and II and in the Civil Rights movement. More

Is There Poetry After Auschwitz?
USA, 1992, 60 minutes, color
Produced by Vivienne Hermann and Dale Sonnenberg
This moving portrait of artist Vivienne Hermann, who spent five years as a child in forced labor camps during World War II, answers the eponymous question with a resounding “Yes!” As Hermann says: “I am the poem. I may be a tragic poem. I may be an irritating poem. But I am the poem." More

Island of Roses: The Jews of Rhodes in Los Angeles
USA, 1995, 55 minutes, color
English, Italian, French and Ladino with English subtitles
Directed by Gregori Viens
This film visits the Los Angeles community of “Rhodeslis”—Jews who lived on the Mediterranean island of Rhodes from 1492 to World War II—who have passed down their traditions, food, songs, rituals, and their medieval Ladino Spanish dialect to their American-born descendants. More

Israel Rocks: A Journey Through Music of Visions and Divisions
Israel, 2000, 55 minutes, color
Hebrew with English Subtitles
Directed by Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz

Can you grasp the complexities, the tribulation, and the dreams of Israel by its music? This film features 20 singers, bands, and choruses, from rock to blues, folk, and rap. More

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Jewish Life in Bialystock
Jewish Life in Cracow
Jewish Life in Lwow
Jewish Life in Vilna

Poland, 1938 and 1939, each 10 minutes, B&W
Yiddish with complete new English subtitles
Produced by Shaul and Yitzhak Goskind
16mm DVD VHS
In 1938 and 1939, Shaul and Yitzhak Goskind of Warsaw-based Sektor Films produced six short films about urban Jewish communities in Poland. One, about Lodz, is lost. The other five—on Bialystok, Cracow, Lwow, Vilna, and Warsaw—have survived. Viewed together or separately, these rare documents present vibrant portraits of people, communities, and institutions all but completely obliterated after the Nazis invaded and occupied Poland during World War II. More

Jewish Soldiers in Blue and Gray
USA, 2011, 86 minutes
Directed by Jonathan Gruber
Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, this exploration of the little-known history of the Jews who fought for both the Confederacy and Union is the first documentary devoted to the subject. Allegiances during the War Between the States split the Jewish community as deeply as the national debate in the country at large: some prominent Jewish voices cited the Torah to justify slavery, while others led the abolitionist movement.

Jews of the Spanish Homeland (Los judíos de patria española)
Spain, 1929, 13 minutes, B&W
Silent with new English intertitles

Produced by Ernesto Giménez Caballero
35mm 16mm DVD
Shot in the 1920s, this film visits Sephardic communities in Salonika, Constantinople, Yugoslavia, and Romania as well as former centers of Jewish life in Spain. More

Jews Under the Red Star - Birobidzhan
USSR/West Germany, 1989, 56 minutes, color/B&W
Russian with English narration
Directed by Irmgard von zur Mühlen
This documentary tells the astonishing story of Jewish life in Birobidzhan, a region located in the far eastern region of Siberia, near the Manchurian border. Birobidzhan was the capital of the "Jewish Autonomous Region," an area so designated by Stalin in 1928 in an attempt to oppose Zionism and as a point of military strategy. In the early 1930s, Jews from the US, South America, and Palestine joined the community, which was centered in Birobidzhan. Many of the pioneers could not adapt to the harsh climate and rural life and quickly departed; the Stalinist purges of the 1930s and 1940s devastated the community. This documentary, which was filmed during 1988-89, examines the problems facing the Jews of this region, including the questioning of their religious activities under a communist regime. Footage from American and Russian sources, from 1928 to the present, appears here for the first time.

Journey Into Life: Aftermath of a Childhood in Auschwitz
Germany, 1996, 130 minutes, color
German with English subtitles
Directed by Thomas Mitscherlich
16mm DVD
Journey into Life follows the struggles of three concentration camp survivors—Yehuda Bacon of Israel, Gerhard Durlacher of The Netherlands, and Ruth Kluger of the United States—in rebuilding their lives after World War II. More

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A Kiss To This Land (Un beso a esta tierra)
Mexico, 1995, 93 minutes, color
Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Daniel Goldberg
35mm 16mm DVD
In exploring the history of Jewish immigration to Mexico, A Kiss To This Land presents fragments of memories and oral histories together with vivid depiction of Jews in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s. More

Krasnodar- The Trial of 1943 (Krasnodar - Der Prozeß von 1943)
Germany, 1987, 55 minutes, color/B&W
English and German with English subtitles
Directed by Irmgard and Bengt von Zur Mühlen
Krasnodar was the site of the first World War II war crimes trial, convened by Soviet authorities in July 1943. A Russian city of 500,000 inhabitants, Krasnodar was occupied by the Germans on August 8, 1942 and liberated February 13, 1943. During the six months of German occupation, thousands of the city’s inhabitants were murdered, beginning with and including every member of the Jewish community. Meticulously combining German and Soviet newsreel footage with the testimony of eyewitnesses and war crimes defendants, this landmark film tells the story of the six month Nazi reign of terror, the trial against eleven Russian collaborators and their public execution on July 18, 1943.

Kupishok: For Eternal Memory
USA, 2005, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Norman Meyer and Harvey Sherzer

After World War II, Christian midwives in Kupishok compiled a list of the town’s Jews who were murdered in the summer of 1941 by the Nazis and their Lithuanian accomplices. In 2004, fifty survivors and descendants of the Jews of Kupishok, returned to the town to dedicate a Wall of Memory. More

Poland, 1932, 10 minutes, B&W, silent
Cinematographer: Jack Weisbord
This fascinating portrait of shtetl life was made by Jack Weisbord, an American whose father-in-law had emigrated from Kurow, a Polish town not far from Lublin. At the time, the Jewish population of Kurow comprised over 50% of the approximately 4,000 persons in the shtetl. The film shows the villagers of Kurow immersed in animated conversation; the streets and shops of a typical Polish town; a latter-day Tevye with his horse; a weary pauper resting on a curbside; several family portraits; the ancient cemetery; as well as the contrast between the local church and the old synagogue.

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L'Chaim: To Life!
USA, 1973, 80 minutes, B&W/color
Directed by Harold Mayer
Produced for the Women's American ORT and narrated by Eli Wallach, this highly-acclaimed documentary describes more than a century of Jewish life in Russia. More

Land of Promise
Palestine, 1935, 57 minutes, B&W
English and Hebrew
Directed by Juda Leman
This is one of Palestine's earliest sound films and part of a larger campaign to encourage settlement and investment in "the Jewish homeland." Land of Promise emphasizes secular accomplishments and portrays Zionist settlers with considerable cinematographic and editorial skill. More

The Land Was Theirs
USA, 1993, 55 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Gertrude Dubrovsky
Set in New Jersey, The Land Was Theirs profiles Jewish farmers and their communities. It opens a window on the experience of immigrants who came to America in search of a better life and found it in the rural countryside. More

The Last Chapter
USA, 1966, 85 minutes, B&W
Directed and Produced by Benjamin Rothman & Lawrence Rothman
A lyrical, sweeping history of Jewish life in Poland, depicting the richness of Jewish culture both religious and secular... More

Last Journey Into Silence
Israel, 2001, 52 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Shosh Shlam
After the Holocaust, survivors who had nowhere else to go or were emotionally shattered by their experiences ended up in a mental hospital in Israel. This moving documentary follows estranged daughters as they visit mothers they have not seen in decades. More

The Last Marranos (Les derniers Marranes)
France, 1991, 64 minutes, color
Portuguese with English subtitles
Directed by Frédéric Brenner and Stan Neumann
Despite being forcibly converted to Christianity in 1497 many of the Jews of Portugal continued to practice Judaism in secret. Today, residents of the village of Belmonte practice an amalgam of Christian and Jewish rituals. More

The Last Sea (Ha-Yam Ha'Aharon)
Israel, 1979, 68 minutes, B&W
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Daniel Bergman, Jacquot Erlich, Haim Gouri, Benny Shilo
In 1945, multitudes of liberated survivors of the death camps, finding themselves homeless in Europe, sought to immigrate to Israel. More

Argentina, 2004, 72 minutes, color
Spanish and Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by Vivián Imar & Marcelo Trotta
Our narrator was 10 when she stepped off the boat in Moisesville, the first Jewish settlement in Argentina. Her account spans 80 years. More

Liberation of Auschwitz 1945 (A Die Befreiung von Auschwitz)
Germany, 1985, 55 minutes, B&W
English and German with English subtitles
Directed by Irmgard von zur Muhlen
35mm 16mm
This chilling, vitally important documentary was produced to mark the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It contains unedited, previously unavailable film footage of Auschwitz shot by the Soviet military forces in 1945 and an interview with the Soviet cameraman. More

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
USA, 1999, 95 minutes, color
Directed by Aviva Kempner
35mm 16mm
As Hitler invaded Europe, a young Jewish baseball player challenged Babe Ruth’s homerun record. This is the story of how he became an American hero. More

The Liquid of Life (Nozel Ha-Hayim)
Israel, 2008, 50 minutes, color, Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by
Pini Schatz
Pini Schatz's funny and original film (subtitled How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Blood) proves there’s no reason to be afraid of the liquid that flows in our veins. Meet a cross section of unique Israeli characters including the director of Magen David Adom. And learn how to mix the perfect bloody mary. More

Living For Tomorrow: Untold Stories by the Pioneering Women of Israel
USA, 2000, 53 minutes, color
Hebrew and English with English subtitles
Directed by Lilach Dekel
Director Dekel’s grandmother, along with other young idealists from Eastern Europe, immigrated to Palestine in the 1920s resolved to build the kibbutz movement. Now in their 80s and 90s, these women offer candid evaluations of the their youth. More

Love Inventory (Reshimat Ahava)
Israel, 2000, 90 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by David Fisher
35mm DVD
Bittersweet, honest, and touchingly funny, this multi-award-winning film chronicles Fisher’s attempt to solve a family mystery—uniting his troubled family in the process. More

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Majdanek 1944
West Germany, 1986, 65 minutes, B&W
English and German with English subtitles
Directed by Irmgard and Bengt von zur Mühlen
This film explores one of the first Nazi war crimes trials, conducted even while World War II was still raging. Majdanek, a concentration and extermination camp located near Lublin, Poland, was erected in 1941 and liberated in July 1944. A month later, a joint Soviet-Polish commission heard evidence from survivors and witnesses. More

Making A Killing
UK, 1998, 52 minutes, color
Directed by Anne Webber
Directed by Anne Webber, Chair of the European Commission on Looted Art, this documentary is a compelling detective story about one family's 50-year quest to recover their missing art collection set against a backdrop of murder, greed, and corruption. More

Making Trouble: Three Generations of Funny Jewish Women
2006, USA, 85 minutes, Color
Directed by Rachel Talbot; Produced by the Jewish Women's Archive
This film festival favorite tells the story of six of the greatest female comic performers of the last century — Molly Picon, Fanny Brice, Sophie Tucker, Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner, and Wendy Wasserstein. Hosted by four of today’s funniest women — Judy Gold, Jackie Hoffman, Cory Kahaney, and Jessica Kirson — it's the true saga of what it means to be Jewish, female and funny. More

Mamadrama: The Jewish Mother in Cinema
Australia, 2000, 73 minutes, color
Written & Directed by Monique Schwarz
16mm DVD
A funny, penetrating look at how the loving and affectionate portrayals in early Yiddish and Hollywood silent movies developed into the Jewish Mother of modern Hollywood and, conversely, the more flesh and blood characterizations in contemporary Israeli cinema. More

Israel, 1996, 51 minutes color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Yael Kipper Zarezhky
A 1996 terrorist bombing in Tel Aviv left 27-year-old Maytal Lederman critically injured and took the life of her brother Asaf. This documentary follows Maytal over a period of eight months in an Israeli rehabilitation hospital, as she struggles to cope with her loss and rebuild her life. More

Me and the Jewish Thing (Mig og Jøderiet)
Denmark, 2009, 43 minutes, color
Directed & written by Ulrik Gutkin
A witty and thoughtful meditation on the collision of two cultures. Danish Jewish filmmaker Ulrik Gutkin and his Danish non-Jewish girlfriend find themselves on opposites sides in deciding whether to circumcise their new baby boy.

Meet Me In Miami Beach
USA, 1994, 18 minutes, color
Directed by Bonnie Cohen
This documentary focuses on three elderly Jews living out their retirement years in Miami Beach, poignantly capturing the subjects' thoughts and memories, as well as the contrast between the old and young populations of contemporary Miami Beach. More

Minyan in Kaifeng: A Modern Journey to an Ancient Chinese Jewish Community
USA, 2002, 74 minutes, color
Directed by Steven Calcote and Jonathan Shulman
35mm 16mm DVD
Narrated by Leonard Nimoy. The last rabbi of Kaifeng died well over a century ago, and today's descendants of the ancient Chinese Jewish community have never celebrated Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. More

A Musical Passage
USA, 1983, 73 minutes, color
Directed by Jim Brown
35mm 16mm
Since its first concert in 1978, the Soviet Emigre Orchestra has been considered one of the best chamber music ensembles in America. Here, superb performances and combined with an examination of the lives of the orchestra members. More

My 100 Children (Me'ah Yeladim Sheli)
Israel, 2003, 68 min
English, Hebrew & Polish w/ English subtitles
Directed by Amalia Margolin & Oshra Schwartz
DigiBeta DVD
When Lena Küchlar discovered dozens of orphaned Jewish children in Krakow after WWII, she employed the progressive psychiatric methods of Janusz Korczak and slowly brought these damaged kids back to life. Based on Küchlar’s best-selling autobiography. Best Documentary, Israel Film Academy. More

My Brother’s Wedding
USA, 2003, 36 minutes, color
Directed by Dan Akiba
After his brother’s radical conversion to Orthodox Judaism, Akiba found it increasingly difficult to remember the brother he once knew. In an effort to better understand his brother’s new life, Akiba documented his family’s trip to Israel in 2001 to attend his brother’s wedding. More

My Dear Clara
Canada, 2002, 44 minutes, color
Directed by Gary Beitel
When Clara Greenspan left Montreal for Warsaw in June of 1938 she could not have known how her personal destiny would soon become intertwined with unfolding events in Europe. This is the dramatic story of a Polish Jewish refugee’s survival and his Canadian wife’s unflinching battle to change her government’s immigration policies. More

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Nahum N. Glatzer & The German-Jewish Tradition
USA, 2011, 60 minutes
Directed by Judith Glatzer Wechsler

Filmmaker and art historian Judith Glatzer Wechsler's new documentary is a moving portrait of the life and work of her revered father and scholar Nahum N. Glatzer (1903-1990). More

Nana: Un Portrait
USA, 1972, 23 minutes, color
French with English subtitles
Directed by Jamil Simon
16mm DVD
80 year-old Louise Zilkha reminisces about her traditional Jewish upbringing in Baghdad, Iraq, the often turbulent coexistence of Iraqi Jews and Moslems, and the persecution that led her family on a journey from Iraq to Beirut, to Cairo, and finally, to New York. More

Nazi Concentration Camps
USA, 1945, 59 minutes, B&W
Produced by the U.S. Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality
16mm DVD
This film is the official documentary report compiled from over 80,000 feet of film shot by Allied military photographers in the German concentration camps immediately after liberation. More

Nemt: A Language Without a People for a People Without a Language
France, 2000, 90 minutes, color
Directed by Isabelle Rozenbaumas and Michel Grosman
A film about the identity of Yiddish culture. One of the filmmakers returns to her native Lithuania, leading to a broader series of reflections on the survival of the Yiddish language in today’s world. More

Next Year in... Argentina (El Año que Viene en... Argentina)
Israel, 2005, 62 minutes, color
Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Jorge Gurvich and Shlomo Slutzky
Argentinean-born Israeli filmmakers Jorge Gurvich and Shlomo Slutzky met in Buenos Aires before both men immigrated to Israel. 30 years later, they take up the question of Jewish-Argentine history, identity and attitudes toward Israel. More

Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good (Síla lidskosti: Nicholas Winton)
Czech Republic/ Slovak Republic, 2002, 64 minutes, color
English and Czech with English subtitles
Directed by Matej Minac
35mm DVD
A gripping documentary about the courage and determination of a young English stockbroker who saved the lives of 669 children. In 1939, Sir Nicholas Winton organized 8 transports to take children from Prague to new homes in Great Britain, and kept silent about it until his wife discovered a scrapbook documenting his unique mission in 1988. More

Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard)
France, 1955, 31 minutes, color/B&W
French with English subtitles
Directed by Alain Resnais
Brutally graphic, Resnais's artistic depiction of life and death in a Nazi extermination camp combines ghostly scenes of the abandoned camp in the 1950s with Nazi and Allied stock footage and stills. More

USA, 1946, 76 minutes, B&W
Compiled by Pare Lorentz and Stuart Schulberg, produced by the Civil Affairs Division, US War Department
This US government film is a grim and unflinching documentary account of the Nuremberg trials, told almost totally without editorial comment. More

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Of Stars and Shamrocks: Boston's Jews and Irish
USA, 1995, 55 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by John Michalczyk
Both Irish and Jewish immigrants settled in Protestant Brahmin Boston in the late-19th century, and both encountered bigotry, exploitation, exclusion and discrimination. This film chronicles the interaction between the two ethnic communities over the last 100 years. More

On My Way to Father's Land
Israel, 1995, 75 minutes, color/B&W
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Aner Preminger
This film takes us on two journeys: the first to Vienna, where Preminger's father lived as a child under Nazi occupation; then to Palestine where he became a member of the first Knesset, joined the Palestine Communist Party, and established the Hebrew Communist Party. More

Orders of Love
UK, 2004, 10 minutes, color
Directed by Jes Benstock
Some family trees get more complicated with every branch. Armed with a videophone, his dad, and a therapist, director Jes Benstock explores a family history of murder, migration, breakdown, and suicide. More

Our Time in the Garden
USA, 1981, 15 minutes, B&W
Directed by Ron Blau
35mm 16mm DVD
A young Jewish woman’s charmed and secure life in 1930s Berlin is shattered as the Nazis take control. The family's home movies are presented with overlapping soundtracks, in order to re-create their "time in the garden." More

Out of Bondage
USA, 1974, 23 minutes, color
Produced by the United Jewish Appeal
Narrated by Theodore Bikel, this documentary is an excellent introduction to the history of Soviet Jewry. More

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The Paper Bridge
Austria, 1987, 95 minutes, color
German with English subtitles
Directed by Ruth Beckermann
16mm DVD
Beckermann's parents met in Vienna after the Holocaust. Tracing the migratory paths of her family before World War II, Beckermann returns to the European Jewish communities which inspired her childhood stories. More

Partisans of Vilna
USA, 1986, 130 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Josh Waletzky; Produced by Aviva Kempner
35mm 16mm DVD
The extraordinary story of the men and women who formed the Jewish partisan movement in Vilna, Lithuania, during World War II. More

The Past That Lives
Netherlands, 1970, 65 minutes, B&W
English narration
Directed by Philo Bregstein
16mm DVD
This film documents the life of the late Jewish historian and author Jacques Presser, author of Ashes in the Wind: The Destruction of Dutch Jewry. More

A Pause in the Holocaust (1943 Le temps d’un répit)
France, 2009, 52 minutes
French and Italian with English Subtitles
Directed by André Waksman
In the summer of 1943, thousands of Jewish refugees in Italian-occupied southern France enjoyed a rare respite from persecution, protected by an unusual force: the occupying Italian Army, who temporarily shielded local and foreign Jews despite pressure from the Germans and the French Vichy administration. More

A People Chosen: Who Is a Jew?
Israel, 1976, 57 minutes, color, English
Directed by Herb Krosney
Orthodox Jews, Jewish atheists, Russian immigrants, and kibbutzniks discuss their views on who is a Jew. Featuring Abba Eban, Rabbi Goren, Yigal Alon, and David Ben-Gurion. More

Pillar of Salt (Natziv Hamelech)
Israel, 1980, 58 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Haim Shiran
16mm DVD
Based on the autobiographical novel by sociologist Albert Memmi, this feature film about an expressive and intelligent 13-year old boy captures the cultural richness and social complexity of a Jewish boy's life in Tunisia, North Africa. More

The Port of Last Resort: Zuflucht in Shanghai
Austria/USA, 1998, 79 minutes, color
English and German with English subtitles
Directed by Joan Grossman and Paul Rosdy

16mm DVD
This award-winning documentary presents the story of nearly 20,000 European Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai from 1938 to 1941. Shanghai, a free port that did not require papers for entry, became the “last resort” for many Jews seeking a safe haven from the Nazis. More

Punch Me in the Stomach
New Zealand, 1996, 58 minutes, color
Directed by Francine Zuckerman
16mm DVD
Multi-talented writer/performer Deb Filler stars in this adaptation of her autobiographical off-Broadway solo show about her life as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. More

Punk Jews
USA, 2012, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Jesse Zook Mann
DVD Blu-ray Digital
Profiling Hassidic punk rockers, Yiddish street performers, African-American Jewish activists and more, Punk Jews explores an emerging movement of provocateurs and committed Jews who are asking, each in his or her own way, what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century. In the process, they are challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. More

Purple Lawns (Deshaim S'Gulim)
Israel, 1998, 56 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Dina Zvi-Riklis

In this feature film, Yael and Shlomit, two secular, free-spirited women, share a flat in Tel Aviv. Their high rent forces them to take in a third roommate, Malka, an enigmatic ultra-orthodox woman with a secret. More

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Rabin: Shivah in November
Israel, 2010/1995, 62 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Producer: Noemi Schory, Belfilms
The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin as he left a peace rally in 1995 plunged the country into mourning. That the gunman was a 25-year old Israeli further complicated the event’s fallout. Constructed entirely from television coverage aired in the seven days following the murder, the film is a mosaic, allowing viewers to experience the events much as Israelis saw them, through the TV screen. More

Rachel de la Comédie-Française
France, 2003, 52 minutes, color
French with English subtitles
Directed by Judith Wechsler
Before the era of Sarah Bernhardt, Rachel Felix (1821-1858) was the great actress of the Comédie-Française-and the first international dramatic star. Small, plain and fierce, Rachel's ability to convey passion in her performances thrilled audiences. More

Rain 1949
Israel, 1998, 52 minutes, color
Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles
Directed by Ilan Yagoda
The Jewish settlers of Kibbutz Megido and the Arab villagers of Lajun appear like two entirely different groups separated one from the other. Yagoda, who served in Megido during his military service, returns to meet the refugees of the past, Jews and Arabs tied to the same plot of land. More

Raise the Roof
USA, 2015, 85 minutes, color
Directed by Yari & Cary Wolinsky


Artists Rick & Laura Brown, leading a team of 300 artisans and students using period hand tools, reconstructed one of the magnificent, mural-covered wooden synagogues of 18th-century Poland, the last of which were destroyed by the Nazis. The show-stopping building is now the centerpiece of the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. More

Rendevous with Freedom
USA, 1972, 56 minutes, color
Directed by Marc Siegel
Demonstrating how Jews helped shape the growing American nation, this film traces the development of American Jewry, beginning with the arrival of the first Jewish settlers in 1645 in New Amsterdam. More

René and I
USA, 2005, 73 minutes, color
Directed by Gina M. Angelone

This courageous documentary tells the story of Irene and her twin brother René, Czech Jews sent to Auschwitz at age six where they were they were experimented on by Josef Mengele. More

Reunion (Le Retour)
France, 1946, 21 minutes, B&W
French with English subtitles
Directed by Henri Cartier-Bresson for the United States Information Service
Acclaimed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York as "one of the greatest human documents to come out of WWII," this is the moving story of the liberation of French prisoners from Nazi concentration camps. More

Rhodes Forever (Rhodes nostalgie)
Belgium, 1995, 60 minutes, color/b&w
Spanish, French, Italian and Greek with English subtitles
Directed by Diane Perelsztejn
16mm DVD
Portrait of the Jews of Rhodes, whose ancestors found refuge there after their expulsion from Spain in the 15th century. For five centuries, Jews lived in Rhodes until their community was destroyed during World War II. More

The Righteous Enemy
Italy/UK, 1987, 84 minutes, color/B&W
Italian and German with English subtitles
Directed by Joseph Rochlitz
16mm DVD
Rochlitz’s documentary about the non-Jewish Italian resistance to Hitler’s “Final Solution” explores how Italian officials prevented the deportation of Jews in Italian-occupied Europe. More

Rites of Passage: The Spiritual Journey of Alice Shalvi
Israel, 1998, 51 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Paula Weiman-Kelman
In this intimate documentary portrait, Alice Shalvi shares her thoughts and memories of her public and private life, from her childhood in Essen to her success as a leading Israeli scholar, feminist, and peace activist. More

Robert Clary A5714: A Memoir of Liberation
USA, 1984, 57 minutes, color
English and French with English subtitles
Directed by Budd Margolis
Robert Clary (who portrayed Louis Lebeau on Hogan’s Heroes) returns to Europe in search of his own story: his happy childhood in the streets of Paris, his incarceration at Drancy transit camp and at Buchenwald. More

Robert J. Lifton: Nazi Doctors
Germany, 2009, 86 minutes, color, In English
Produced & Directed by Hannes Karnick & Wolfgang Richter
World renowned psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton discusses the processes by which ordinary doctors became murders, issues at the heart of his groundbreaking 1986 book The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide. "This is a fascinating, compelling, profoundly disturbing movie that miraculously leaves one agreeing with Lifton that ‘there is room for hope.’” –Karen Cooper, Director, Film Forum More

USA, 2015, color
Directed by Aviva Kempner

Public Performance Rental only
The incredible story of Julius Rosenwald, the son of an immigrant peddler who never finished high school, who rose to become the President of Sears. Influenced by the writings of the educator Booker T. Washington, this Jewish philanthropist joined forces with African American communities during the Jim Crow South to build 5,300 schools, providing 660,000 black children with access to education in the segregated American South. More

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The Sabbath Bride
UK, 1987, 52 minutes, color
Directed by Naomi Gryn
16mm DVD
Celebrate the excitement and diversity of Shabbat in London. Gryn mixes chicken soup, cholent, and music with interviews with rabbis and members of Orthodox, Reform, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi communities. More

Samuel Bak: The Art of Speaking About the Unspeakable
USA, 2001, 37 minutes, color
Produced by Rob Cooper and the Pucker Gallery
For over 60 years, from his first paintings as a child prodigy in the Vilna Ghetto, Samuel Bak has produced a remarkable body of work that has earned him an international reputation as a painter of thought-provoking images. More

Samuel Bak: Painter of Questions
Canada, 2003, 48 minutes, color
Directed by Christa Singer
On the occasion of a retrospective exhibit of his work, painter Samuel Bak returned to his hometown of Vilna. Saved from the death camps by his father, the miracle of Bak’s survival is a recurring theme in the unique and powerful visual vocabulary of his work. More

Israel, 2010, 56, minutes, color
Hebrew, Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by Yael Leibovitz Zand

In this clever and heartfelt mockumentary, a renowned Yiddish actor disappears under criminal circumstances. Searching for him twenty-five years later we meet the colorful characters that made up Israel’s vibrant Yiddish scene during the country’s first decades. More

The Secret: Poland's New Jews (Hasod)
Israel/Poland, 2001, 52 minutes, color
English, Hebrew and Polish with English subtitles
Directed by Ronit Kerstner; Produced by Noemi Schory
Through accidental discovery or deathbed confessions many Catholic Polish citizens have made an unsettling discovery: they were born Jewish. These “new Jews" must decide what this new truth means to them, as Poles and as Jews. More

Secret Courage: The Walter Suskind Story
Netherlands/USA, 2005, 82 minutes, color, English
Directed by Tim Morse and Karen Morse
Walter Suskind was a German Jew living in Amsterdam who was forced to serve as the Jewish head of deportation at the main deportation site in Holland. More

17 rue Saint Fiacre
France, 1999, 24 minutes, color
French with English subtitles
Directed by Daniel Meyers

Two young Jewish siblings sheltered by a family in the Nazi-occupied town of Compiègne, France, during World War II, went to live with a Catholic family. Now living in the U.S. they return to France for their “adopted” mother’s 90th birthday. More

Shalom Y'all
USA, 2002, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Brian Bain
Bain, a third generation Jew from New Orleans, sets out on a 4200-mile road trip though the American South through Delta flatlands, small towns, suburban subdivisions, ranches, and the sprawling Sunbelt to uncover the diverse history of Southern Jews. More

Simply Human
Israel, 2000, 30 minutes, color
Dutch, English and Hebrew with English Subtitles
Directed by Izzy Abrahami & Erga Netz

Mrs. Hans Snoek, a 90-year old Dutch dancer, famous in The Netherlands as the founder of several dance companies, discusses a little-known episode from her past; during World War II she hid Jews in her Amsterdam home. More

So Many Miracles
Canada, 1987, 58 minutes, color
Directed by Katherine Smalley and Vic Sarin
16mm DVD
Interweaving docu-drama sequences with archival material, this film follows Israel and Frania Rubinek on their emotional return journey to Poland to reunite with the woman who, with her husband and son, saved their lives 40 years earlier. More

Song of Hannah
USA/Hungary, 2005, 45 minutes, color/B&W
English, Hungarian and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Nicole Opper
Hoping to rescue victims of the Holocaust, 23-year old Hannah Senesh left the Palestine kibbutz she had helped to build and parachuted into her native Hungary. Instead, she was imprisoned and killed. More

Song of Radauti
USA, 1978, 25 minutes, B&W
Directed by Laurence Salzmann
Before World War II, 8,000 Jews lived in Radauti, Romania. By the mid-1970s, the town had only 240 Jews. Song of Radauti is a beautiful and melancholy statement about a vanishing culture and the lives of a few Jews who survived the Holocaust.

Stan Getz: A Musical Odyssey
USA, 1978, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Herbert Dorfman
Join jazz saxophone virtuoso Stan Getz on his 1977 three-week tour of Israel. Getz jams with local musicians -a Kurdish drummer, an Arab quartet, a Hassidic wedding band, a Yemenite dance troupe- adapting his unique style to the various ethnic sounds of Israel. More

The Star, the Castle and the Butterfly
UK, 1990, 25 minutes, color
Directed by Naomi Gryn
Tour Prague's legendary Jewish quarter with Rabbi Hugo Gryn as he visits some of its most evocative sites and recalls a world that is no more. Filmed six months before Prague's 1989 Velvet Revolution. More

The Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz
Sweden, 1982, 55 minutes, color, English
Directed by Peter Cohen
Chaim Rumkowski, appointed by the Nazis as the Chairman of the Lodz Jewish Council, was responsible for establishing a vast bureaucracy that administered all social services within the ghetto. More

The Struma
Canada, 2001, 90 minutes, color, English
Directed by Simcha Jacobovici

16mm DVD
In 1941 a boat carrying nearly 800 refugees bound for Palestine found themselves stranded in Istanbul Harbor where it waited while Turkey, under pressure from the British, deliberated the passengers' fate. More

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Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Israel, 2009, 125 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Anat Zeltser, Modi Bar-On and Gabriel Bibliowicz
Produced for the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv-Jaffa explores the city's history. Israeli TV celebrity Modi Bar-On hosts this fast-paced film which uses archival film and photos intercut with those of contemporary Tel Aviv. More

Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem
USA, 2014, 75 min, English
Directed by John Lollos
Narrated by Alan Alda
Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem focuses on both playwright and actor and how the their overlapping arts exemplify Yiddish as both a fountain and a river that still connects. Bikel’s masterful performance of stories, songs and monologs from his stage show are intertwined into a broader examination of Sholom Aleichem’s life and work and their continuing relevance to Jewish culture. More

Tijuana Jews
USA, 2005, 52 minutes, color
English and Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Issac Artenstein
Throughout the early-20th century, thousands of Jews sailed to America and a small group made their way north to Tijuana. Tijuana Jews is a personal exploration of this unique community, which blended Jewish and Mexican cultures and customs. More

Till the Tenth Generation
Ireland, 2009, 80 minutes, English, B&W/Color
Directed by Gerry Gregg
The first major documentary about the Holocaust made in Ireland. The film will play a central role in educating the Irish about the Holocaust and in promoting racial and religious tolerance as the Irish Minister of Integration, John Curran, has funded the distribution of the film to all secondary schools in Ireland. More

Too Close To Home (Shnei Meter M'Habayit)
Israel, 1995, 50 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Ori Inbar
The future of the Golan remains a crucial issue for Israel's future. This documentary about the people who live in and protect the Golan provides important insight into the political and social issues surrounding the territory. More

Toward Jerusalem (Nach Jerusalem)
Austria/Israel, 1990, 87 minutes, color
German, Arabic, Hebrew and English with English subtitles
Directed by Ruth Beckermann
In this documentary road movie, Austrian filmmaker Ruth Beckermann records the diverse views and activities of Israelis and Arabs as she travels along the route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. More

Transnistria, The Hell
Israel, 1996, 40 minutes, color/B&W
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Zolton Terner
Irom 1941 through 1944, 300,000 Jews were killed at the hands of officials in Transnistria, an area of southern Ukraine bordering Rumania that has become know as the "Forgotten Cemetery." More

The Trial: An Account of the Majdanek Trial in Düsseldorf (Der Prozess)
West Germany, 1984, 270 minutes, color/B&W
German with English subtitles
Directed by Eberhard Fechner
16mm DVD
At least one quarter of a million people were murdered in the Lublin/Majdanek concentration camp. Between 1975 and 1981, the longest trial in German legal history took place in Düsseldorf. Fifteen men and women, former camp guards, were accused of having participated in the murder of thousands. More

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
France, 2011, 90 minutes
English narration, Hebrew, German & French w/ English subtitles
Director: Michaël Prazan
Blu-ray DVD Digibeta
The 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann held in an Israeli courtroom and broadcast around the globe, was a benchmark event in the historiography of the Holocaust and a milestone in media and journalism coverage. This compelling new documentary features accounts of Eichmann's capture, the drama in the courtroom and behind the scenes, and reactions from around the world. More

2 or 3 Things I Know About Him (2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß)
Germany, 2005, 85 minutes, color
German and English with English subtitles
Directed by Malte Ludin
35mm DVD
Ludin's documentary focuses on how his family grapples with--or refuses to engage--the history of their family and of Weimar and Nazi Germany more generally. More

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Underdogs: A War Movie (Beit Shean: Seret Milhamah)
Israel, 1996, 86 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Doron Tsabori & Rino Zror
Soccer mania hits a small working-class Israeli town near the Jordanian border, and the local team prepares for their last crucial game of the season against the national champions from Haifa, exacerbating conflicts between rich and poor. More

Unknown Secrets: Art and the Rosenberg Era
USA, 1990, 30 minutes, color
Directed by Daniel Keller, Charles Light & Rob Okun
16mm DVD
This film shows the influence of the Rosenberg case on the work of artists past and present, including Arthur Miller, Adrienne Rich, Picasso and many more. Includes dramatic readings by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Tony Randall, Ruby Dee, and Tovah Feldshuh. More

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The Vision of Chaim Weizmann
USA, 1963, 27 minutes, B&W
Directed by Lazar Dunner
16mm DVD
A documentary biography of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the first President of Israel, incorporating film footage, sketches, and still photographs. More

The Voyage of the St. Louis
Canada/France, 1994, 52 minutes, color/B&W
English, German and French with English subtitles
Directed by Maziar Bahari
In the summer of 1939, the German luxury liner carrying 937 German Jews was refused haven by every country in the Americas. The St. Louis episode is told by passengers who made the crossing as children and in readings from the diary of the ship’s captain. More

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We Live Again (Nous Continuons)
France, 1946, 53 minutes, B&W
Yiddish with some English subtitles
Produced by the Central Committee for Child Welfare of the Union of Jews for Resistance and Mutual Aid
35mm DVD
Among the first movies to deal with the subject of the Holocaust, this documentary about Jewish war orphans—which includes newsreels, footage of children receiving aid from relief agencies, and staged sequences—opened in New York in September 1948. More

What I Saw in Hebron (Ma Sheraiti B'Hebron)
Israel, 1999, 73 minutes, color
Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles
Directed by Noit Geva & Dan Geva
Seventy years after the 1929 Hebron massacre, this is the personal testimony of 12 people who survived the atrocity. Noit Geva's grandmother was so traumatized that she never spoke of her experience, but recorded it in a journal entry entitled "What I Saw in Hebron". More

Women Unchained
USA, 2011, 60 minutes, color
Hebrew and English with English subtitles
Directed by Beverly Siegel & Leta Lenik
An important new film documenting the experiences of modern-day “agunot,” or women whose husbands refuse to grant them a Jewish divorce. Narrated by actress Mayim Bialik (Blossom, The Big Bang Theory), Women Unchained offers strategies for what women can do to protect themselves and why the issue matters to all Jews. More

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The Yiddish Cinema
USA, 1991, 60 minutes, Color/B&W
Directed by Rich Pontius
Narrated by prolific writer and director David Mamet, this film is a perfect introduction to Yiddish cinema. The history of the genre through interviews, archival photographs, and film clips of many of The National Center for Jewish Film’s Yiddish feature films. More

The Yidishe Gauchos
USA, 1989, 28 minutes, color/B&W
Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Mark Freeman
At the end of the 19th century, some East European Jews fleeing persecution and pogroms emigrated to Argentina. There, many became ranchers and farmers, adapting a life on the pampas alongside the tough Argentine cowboys, the gauchos. More

Yippee: A Journey to Jewish Joy
USA, 2006, 74 minutes, color
Directed by Paul Mazursky
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Paul Mazursky, Yippee chronicles his whirlwind journey to Uman, a small Ukrainian town that is the site of a unique, annual gathering of Jewish men making pilgrimages to the burial place of Rabbi Nachman (1772-1810). More

Yizkor (Remembrance)
USA, 2010, 24 minutes
Directed by Ruth Fertig
Digibeta DVD
Winner of the 2010 Student Academy Award Gold Medal for Documentary, Ruth Fertig’s film uses animation by Jeanne Stern, archival film, home movies and Super 8 footage to tell her grandmother’s story of survival and resilience in the face of crushing loss. More

Yoo-Hoo Mrs. Goldberg
USA, 2009, 92 minutes, Color/B&W
Written, Produced & Directed by Aviva Kempner
The funny and surprising story of television pioneer Gertrude Berg, creator of America’s hit sitcom, The Goldbergs. As an actor, writer (12,000 scripts for CBS!) and TV celebrity, Berg’s trailblazing blend of comedy and social commentary—with Jewish characters at the center—endeared audiences and made her a cultural icon. By Aviva Kempner (Life and Times of Hank Greenberg). More

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France, 1996, 22 minutes, color/B&W
French with English subtitles
Directed by Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir

35mm DVD
Zahor makes an essential point about the victims of the Holocaust—that the way they are traditionally presented in the media says nothing about them but everything about their Nazi tormentors. Here, we meet real people—not yet victims—young people with potential. More

Zegota: A Time to Remember
USA, 1992, 52 minutes, color
Produced by Sy Rotter and Andrzej Sikora
Filmed in Poland, Israel and London this film documents the clandestine efforts of diverse Polish groups -Catholics, socialists, independents and others- to save Jewish lives despite great personal risks. More

Zoll Zeyn
Israel/ Germany, 1989, 135 minutes, color
Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by Henryk M. Broder and Frans van der Meulen
The state of Yiddish culture in 1989 in Israel is examined, from Socialist Bundists in Tel Aviv to the Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, and all the people, poets, singers, revolutionaries, journalists, and actors in between for whom Yiddish is a living language in the midst of Hebrew. More

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