It's not the longest, nor the most lethal, but it's certainly the most debated fence in the world today.

The barrier being built between Israel and Palestine: will it create better neighbors or a wound that won't heal? Award-winning director Eli Cohen (Summer of Aviya, Under the Domim Tree) followed the construction of the fence over a three-year period. This exceedingly important and even-handed film investigates the political, ecological, human rights, and technological aspects of the fence, as well as the role of the media, the propaganda war, and the march of follies on both sides.

Fence, Wall, Border was originally produced as a three one-hour films; Screen any or all of the three films, or screen a newly-produced 130 min version of all three films.

Part 1 "The First Phase"
The basic facts:
The reasons for building the fence.
The objections and hesitations in the government.
The popular movement and its pressure for a fence.
The policy behind the alignment of the fence.
The security problems that it solves and the human right problems that it creates.

Part 2 "The Battle of the Fence"
The resistance of Palestinians, Israeli leftists, and international activists to the construction of the fence.
The settler's dilemma while protesting against the fence.
The high court and its rulings versus the ruling of the international high court in The Hague.
The revolutionary ruling in the case of the village of Beit Suriq.

Part 3 "Jerusalem Eastern Wall"
In Jerusalem, instead of separating Jews and Arabs, the wall forces a quarter of million Palestinians to be annexed to the Jewish city, and separates them from the Palestinian hinterland.
The real estate war between Jews and Arabs and its affect on the wall.
The wall in Jerusalem as a symbol, and as a cultural and commercial issue.


“The series never becomes a political pamphlet. It is varied and nuanced due to irony and humor.”

“Eli Cohen presents, in three comprehensive and biting chapters, the triviality of evil.”
Yedioth Ahronoth

“A complex document about politics, mistrust, hatred and destruction, and above all, folly.”

“Documentary work at its best”

“Visual metaphors, suggested by reality itself, make this documentary creative and inspired.”

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Fence, Wall, Border

Israel, 2006, English Narration and Hebrew & Arabic w/ English subtititles
Directed by Eli Cohen

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