In south Marrakesh amidst the olive groves lies the village of Oulad Moumen where Habiba and Yossef Edery began their family in the 1920s. Director Genini, the youngest of the nine Edery children, organized a family reunion in 1992 to bring her family (now dispersed geographically and culturally) together in the place where is all began. 50 members of the family, came from Morocco, France, America, Canada, Mexico, Italy, and Israel to Oulad Moumen to learn of the dynasty's origins.

Genini melds the family reunion with archival photos, giving both a personal view of a Sephardic family and a historical picture of Jewish-Arabic-Berber coexistence in Oulad Moumen.


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France, 1994, 50 minutes, color
French with English subtitles
Directed by Izza Genini

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