BEST DOCUMENTARY, JURY AND AUDIENCE AWARDS Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, 2002


White Mountain Jewish Film Festival, 2015
Fifth Avenue Synagogue (New York), 2014
Columbus (GA) Jewish Film Festival, 2014
Reno Jewish Film Festival, 2007
Vienna Jewish Film Festival, 2004
Australian Festival of Jewish Cinema, 2003
New York Jewish Film Festival, 2003
Washington DC Jewish Film Festival, 2002
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, 2002
Houston Jewish Film Festival, 2002
Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2002
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2002
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, 2002

Traveling in a vintage Cadillac, filmmaker Brian Bain, a third generation Jew from New Orleans, sets out on a 4200-mile road trip though the American South. Traveling through Delta flatlands, small towns in Mississippi, suburban subdivisions, Texas ranches, and sprawling Sunbelt metropolises what he uncovers is the unique and diverse history of Southern Jews. Along the way, Bain woos his future wife, herself a southern Jew, and discusses Jewish participation in the Civil Rights Movement with Andrew Young.

Shalom Y’all is peopled with colorful characters, including Zelda Millstein from Natchez, a hoop-skirted tour guide at a plantation; Leo Center, a Golden Gloves boxing champion from Savannah who learned how to box by literally fighting his way to get to synagogue; Tupelo’s Jack Cristil, Mississippi State’s football game announcer for nearly a half-century; an African American-Jewish police chief; a kosher butcher; and musician provocateurs Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. Bain discovers a vibrant regional cultural and hundreds of year of rich history in a film that is happily flavored with both its Jewish and Southern roots.


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Shalom Y'all

USA, 2002, 60 minutes, color
Directed by Brian Bain

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