2 or 3 Things
I Know About Him

2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß

Germany, 2005, 85 minutes, color
English & German with English subtitles
Directed by Malte Ludin

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"If it tells, in Mr. Ludin’s words, 'a typical German story,' the movie also offers an unusually matter-of-fact picture of the private and public effects of ordinary evil.”
-A. O. Scott, New York Times

“(Ludin’s) film courageously probes the effect of this legacy, and the revelations are shocking…[he] doesn’t shrink from debating heatedly with his sisters onscreen or exposing them to their children as liars."
- Richard Brody, New Yorker


Family drama and historical truth collide in this film about the painful legacy cast by Hanns Ludin, a prominent Nazi executed for war crimes in 1947. In this astonishing documentary, Hanns Ludin’s son, filmmaker Malte Ludin, breaks 60 years of silence and repression, investigating his father’s dark deeds and interviewing his still-denying sisters.

The film is an intimate look at the descendants of a Nazi perpetrator, most of whom refuse to accept the history of their family and of Nazi Germany more generally.

Selected Screenings

Midwest Center for Holocaust Education (2015)
Washington Jewish Film Festival (2015)
Special Selection: Best of Festival over 25 Years
Washington Jewish Film Festival (2010)
Minnesota Film Arts (2009)
Stockholm Jewish Film Festival (2009)
Toronto Jewish Film Society (2008)
Detroit Jewish Film Festival (2008)
Facets Cinematheque, Chicago (2008)
Toronto Jewish Film Society (2008)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (2007)
Goethe Institute, Washington DC (2007)
Philadelphia Holocaust Film Series (2007)
National Center for Jewish Film Annual Jewish Film Festival (2007)
US PREMIERE Film Forum (2007)
Bergen International Film Festival (2005)
International Film Festival Bratislava (2005)
Haifa International Film Festival (2005)
WORLD PREMIERE Berlin Film Festival (2005)

Critical Acclaim

“A tattered family album of a documentary…2 or 3 Things I Know About Him can't reconcile Daddy's kind moon face with the Nazi regalia on his collar: His large hands, remembered so fondly by one daughter, signed deportment papers that dispatched other children's daddies to their deaths…gripping and confrontational viewing.
-Jim Ridley, Village Voice

“This exceptional documentary…is an illumination of convenient rationalization and denial on a grand scale….A must-see for those always eager for more insight into the Nazi era, is also a cautionary tale about the power of denial and of evil that can be practiced by both the banal bureaucrat and the seemingly more refined bourgeois who should know better.”
-Doris Toumarkine, Film Journal

“Without exaggeration–one of this year’s most important German films…a new quality in the cinematic treatment of National Socialism.”
- Peter Paul Huth, ZDF (German TV)

“(4 Stars Editors' Pick): A bold struggle with the past and the silent present….In an era of shifting history and all-too-easily deniable facts, it's incumbent upon great films like Ludin's to share that viewpoint.
- Ken Fox, TV Guide

External Links

New York Times Review by A.O. Scott: "Our Father, the Nazi Zealot: A Family Grapples With Its Burdens and Blind Spots" (01/24/07)

Official Film Website: www.2oder3dinge.de


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