Our complete holdings and material, along with material are not yet catalogued, are available for research or use in film productions.

To inquire about these resources and to receive a quote please email Richard Pontius, Technical Director at pontius(at)brandeis(dot)edu.

Include all of the following information in your initial inquiry:
· Type of footage sought in as specific a manner as possible. (i.e. period, location, etc.) Examples: "Pre-WWII European shtetls", "Jews in New York in the 1950's"

· The topic of the production, the name of the production, how and where the production will be distributed.

· Complete contact information including fax number and phone number.

Within 1-3 business days, you will receive a response that will include annotations or descriptions of material in the archive which may be pertinent to the production. The researcher can then decide which films to view.

Research DVDs cost $10.00 each for a two week period. (Plus shipping for international requests). The requester will be billed, net 30, for the DVDs. Except in rare or special instances, researchers will be serviced through research DVDs rather than viewing material at NCJF.

International stock footage requests require advance payment.

Additional information on research tapes can be found here.


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