Karakare Film Days, Istanbul, Turkey (2007)
Maine Jewish Film Festival (2002
Museum of Modern Art (2002)

Nesselbühl, Germany, April 1945. A small Swabian village, shortly before the end of the war. The roaring guns of the approaching American troops can be heard in the distance. Only Anna, daughter of an innkeeper and leader of the German Girls Society (BDM) still believes that hope alone can be found in trusting the Führer.

But then, overnight, a train arrives at the village station bringing a horror nobody is prepared for: three cattle cars of prisoners--innocent Jewish victims--being moved to a new concentration camp farther from Allied Forces. The dying stay on the tracks for three days, strangers, who nobody seems to want to be responsible for. Strangely enough, life goes on as usual in Nesselbühl. Only for young Anna will nothing be as it was again.

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Three Days in April
Drei Tage im April

1995, Germany, 100 minutes
German with English subtitles
Directed by Oliver Storz

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