Orange County International Jewish Film Festival (2011)
Portland Jewish Film Festival (2003)
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (2002)
The New York Jewish Film Festival (2002)
Jerusalem Film Festival (2001)
Washington D.C. Jewish Film Festival (2001)

Based on the novel Schloss Gripsholm by Kurt Tucholsky, Gripsholm plunges us into the pleasure-craving, decadent world of Berlin cabaret at the beginning of the 1930s. Kurt (Noethen) is a German-Jewish publisher, ironic author and, thanks to his risqué chanson lyrics, a celebrated star of the cabaret.

Kurt travels to the Swedish palace of Gripsholm with his girlfriend Lydia and their friends, the seductive vaudeville singer Billie and the passionate fly-boy Karlchen. Meanwhile Kurt’s claim that “all soldiers are murderers” has agitated the German Reich at home. Nothing will be the same again for the group.

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Germany, 2000, 102 minutes
German and Swedish with English subtitles, color

Directed by Xavier Koller

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