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AUDIENCE CHOICE, Israel Film Festival (2000)
BEST ACTRESS, TV DRAMA, Israel Academy Awards (1999)
HONORABLE MENTION, BEST TV DRAMA Jerusalem Film Festival 1999

U Screenings

Tiburon International Film Festival (2004)

U Synopsis

Ziv Gonen, an Israeli soldier waiting for a bus, may or may not have been a victim of a terrorist bombing. Ayelet Bargur’s drama focuses on Ziv’s family as they await news of his whereabouts. As they wait, family and friends pull together and fall apart as the tension mounts and the Gonen family home becomes the site of pent up hopes and fears. Beautifully crafted and stunningly acted, this award-winning feature film illuminates every Israeli family’s nightmare.

As If Nothing Happened is based on the personal experience of director Ayelet Bargur and her family in the aftermath of the Beit Lid terrorist attack of January 22, 1995. Barger’s fictional account incorporates archival footage of the Beit Lid attack during which two suicide bombers killed nineteen Israelis on a quiet Sunday morning.

U Critical Acclaim

As If Nothing Happened is 50 minutes about a single moment that stretched out forever…The intense acting and the non melodramatic directing make this drama one of the best films I’ve seen on TV.”
- Yediot Acharonot

DVD Bonus Feature
At the End of the Day

Israel, 2000, 50 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Ayelet Bargur

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U Screenings

Washington Jewish Film Festival (2008)

U Synopsis

Four commanders in the same Israeli Defense Force Golan Heights paratrooper unit, were killed over a 22-month period. With great sensitivity and skill, Bargur, whose brother Zvi was among those who died, documents the ongoing attempts by these families to come to terms with the deaths of their loved ones.

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As If Nothing Happened
Ke'Ilu Klum Lo Kara

Israel, 1999, 50 minutes, color
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Ayelet Bargur

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