Haunted by her past and struggling to do something meaningful, Aya (played by director Michel Bat-Adam) is making a movie about her life, first to please her father and then herself. Expanding on the same character previously portrayed in Bat-Adam’s A Thin Line, Aya is now a woman driven by her father’s ambition for her. As her film progresses, fragments of her dreams and fantasies alternate with reality. The result is less of a traditional narrative but one made from fragments from Aya’s life. The film champions joy and being alive in every moment while being a profound look at the emotional turmoil of a woman’s life. “God exists in the little things,” says Aya, as the pages of her script whirl in the wind around her.

“A highly touching personal document about relationships between mother and daughter, the hardships of young girls growing up, and the conflicts of mature women as they grapple with memories of their past.” - Amy Kronish, Lilith

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Love at Second Sight

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Aya: An Imagined Autobiography
Autobiographia Dimionit

Israel, 1994, 87 minutes
Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Michal Bat-Adam

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