Over the last fifty year's, millions of Jewish victims of the Holocaust have claimed and obtained monetary compensation for persecution, enslavement and dispossessions as well as the restitution of confiscated property. The German government has already paid out over 100 Billion marks, and although more than 90% of all holocaust survivors have now died, new claims continue to surface.

Blood Money investigates and reveals the motivations and political maneuvers which accompanied the complex restitution and compensation agreements - known also by the German term Wiedergutmachung (Making amends).

In testimonies often charged with emotion, victims, former government officials, and lawyers tell this unique story from the perspective of the various parties involved: Germany, Israel and the Jewish world.

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Blood Money

The Netherlands/Israel, 2001, 58 minutes
Directed by Benny Brunner and
Daniel Cil Brecher

Public Exhibition Beta Rental, 3/4 also available





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