Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Washington Jewish Film Festival (2004)
Contra Costa Jewish Film Festival (2003

In the 1990s, two terrorist attacks against the Jewish community of Buenos Aires occurred. The first attack happened in 1992 when a car bomb struck the Israeli consulate, killing 29 people. Two years later, a bomb exploded outside a Jewish center, AMIA. Eighty-five people perished. Investigations did not get any results.

Beth Toni Kruvant, who was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in the USA, provides insight into the difficult situation faced by the people Argentina during recent economic and political crises. She guides us through the troubled neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, home to the largest Jewish community in Latin America. As the economic crisis there continues to deteriorate, more members of Argentina's Jewish community slip into the ranks of the poor and unemployed. The community still demands justice from a corrupt government, which is linked to international terrorism.


"...the passionate and angst-filled words of those (Kruvant) interviews make palpable the universal pain of a people still searching for a home. Their struggle serves as a call to be ever vigilant and protective of human rights and freedoms-a timely message for us all."
-Laura Slap-Shelton, Maine Jewish Film Festival

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Born in Buenos Aires

USA, 2003, 40 minutes, color
English and Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Beth Toni Kruvant

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