Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising According to Marek Edelman
Kronika powstania w getcie warszawskim wg Marka Edelmana

Poland, 1994, 70 minutes, B&W, Polish with English subtitles
Directed by Jolanta Dylewska

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Public Exhibition Formats: DVD, Beta

"Through leisurely timing and skillful use of archival material, Jolanta Dylewska infuses the film with almost hypnotic power as we follow Edelman's tale of death and survival in an act of unparalled bravery, as the Jews resist deportation to certain death at Treblinka. The film is a testament to this bravery as well as an indictment of man's inhumanity to man."
-Paul Lenti, Variety

"A passionate, eloquent reminder that there can never be enough productions on the Holocaust, at least when they contain as much heart, soul, and insight as Edelman’s Chronicle.'
- Ed Koch, New York Post

"...the film's central purpose is more to respect, and inspect, the record. Dylewska does with her camera what the spectator wants to do with such evidence: search, magnify, hold on."
-Georgia Brown, The Village Voice

"Dry and dispassionate in tone, Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is a sobering document of remembrance."
-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"Another important addition to the expanding canon of cinematic works dealing with the Holocaust."
-Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

Selected Screenings

Canadian Foundation of Polish Jewish Heritage, Montreal (2009)
Memorial de la Shoah Museum and Center, Paris (2007)
National Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, MA (2006)
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (1995)


In this documentary Marek Edelman, a member of the Jewish Labor Bund and leading participant in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, gives a daily account of events from April 19 through May 10, 1942.

Edelman’s amazingly thorough, vivid and distinct memories are augmented by Dylewska’s mesmerizing, poetic use of slow motion and freeze-frame techniques applied to documentary material including Nazi footage of Jews about to be deported to Treblinka.

Dr. Marek Edelman (Jan 1,1919 - Oct 2, 2009)

New York Times

Guardian (UK)

Associated Press

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