Chronicle of Love is the first Israeli feature film to deal with the subject of battered women. Portraying the lives of women struggling with the cycle of domestic violence, director Tzipi Trope explores the tragic, horrifying consequences of physical and emotional abuse.

When Nava, a social worker, shares the painful secret of her suffering with Jania, another woman victimized by her husband, the two form a healing bond. With the help of Nava's best friend Amit, the women attempt to escape their respective situations. The story's resolution is deeply troubling and unsparing in its emotional intensity.


Chronicle of Love is being screened at the height of Israel's jubilee celebrations: celebrations which conceal a deep pain, the pain of the terrible violence in which we live, violence whose source has more than once been in love - of land, of God, of lofty ideals, of power, of woman. I chose to tell the stories of women, women who are beaten and murdered in the name of love. As a woman, I wanted to examine the destructive force of love." - Tzipi Trope, filmmaker


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Chronicle of Love
Chronika Shel Ahava

Israel, 1998, 90 min, color
Hebrew with English Subtitles
Directed by Tzipi Trope

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Public Exhibition formats: 35mm, Beta, DVD





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