The Führer Gives a City
to the Jews
Der Führer schenkt den Juden eine Stadt

Germany, 1944, Restored sequences and fragments (incomplete), 23 minutes, B&W, German with English subtitles

Produced by the Ministry of Propaganda of the Third Reich

with New English Subtitles by
The National Center for Jewish Film

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Public Exhibition Formats: DVD, Beta, 16mm

Selected Screenings

Washington DC Jewish Film Festival (2012)
ARGOS Centre for Arts and Media; Brussels, Belgium (2009)
Stockholm Jewish Film Festival (2002)
Reno Jewish Film Festival


The Führer Gives a City to the Jews is the only film known to be made by the Nazis inside an operating concentration camp. Germany’s Ministry of Propaganda produced this 1944 film about Theresienstadt, the “model” ghetto established by the Nazis in 1941 in Terezin, a town in the former Czechoslovakia.

Nazi Minister of Propaganda Director Joseph Goebbels intended to use the film to prove to the International Red Cross and the world that Jews were being well-treated in the camps. The film, however, is an elaborately staged hoax presenting a completely false picture of camp life. Upon completion, the director and most of the cast of prisoners were shipped to Auschwitz. Only a few survived to attest to the falsity of the film. Includes study guide.


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