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Vancouver Jewish Film Festival (2009)

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In 1894, Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted of treason and imprisoned on Devil’s Island off the coast of French Guiana. Over the next 11 years, he would be tried and found guilty a second time before his eventual exoneration.

The Dreyfus Affair, one of history’s most notorious cases of criminal injustice and antisemitism, split French public opinion and set off an international uproar that resulted in anti-Jewish riots in every major city in France, violence that served as a prelude to the Holocaust and as a catalyst to the development of modern Zionism.

Dreyfus Revisted: A Current Affair offers a cogent history of the affair and explores its relevance to pressing contemporary concerns: the dangers of racism and prejudice; vigilance against the abuse of state power; the citizen’s role in a democracy; issues of separation of church and state; the role of the modern press in effecting public opinion; and the necessity of personal courage in the public sphere.

The Dreyfus Affair coincided with the birth of the mass print media, which produced thousands of related materials—posters, newspapers, postcards, caricatures, magazines—both against and in support of Dreyfus. Dreyfus Revisited includes hundreds of these documents as well as original correspondence, photographs, and artifacts all drawn from the Lorraine Beitler Collection which documents the history of the Dreyfus Affair and its impact on the art, society, and politics of France and the modern world.

(Please note: film's concluding scene contains several graphic images.)


Visit the Lorraine Beitler Collection of the Dreyfus Affair at the University of Pennsylvania

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Dreyfus Revisited:
A Current Affair

USA, 2006, 17 minutes
Written & Produced by: Lorraine Beitler
Directed by: Jonathan Gruber, Dawn Freer & Patricia Giniger Snyder

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