“This is an exceptionally good film, from Romania, that sneaks up on the subject of the Holocaust in an unexpected and compelling way.” - San Francisco Chronicle


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NoVA International Jewish Film Festival (2011)
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WINNER BEST DIRECTOR (Radu Gabrea) Levante International Film Festival (Italy), 2009

“Perfect yet subdued.”- Claus Mueller, International Film & Television Exchange

In June 1941, Curzio Malaparte (Florin Piersic Jr.), an Italian journalist and member of the Fascist party, arrives in the Romanian city of Iasi on the way to cover the Russian front for an Italian newspaper. Suffering from severe allergies, he is referred to Josef Gruber (Marcel Iures), a local Jewish doctor. Desperate to find the missing doctor, Malaparte must navigate the outrageous and increasingly sinister bureaucracy of Nazi-occupied Romania. What begins as an absurdist wild goose chase leads directly to the heart of the final solution, and the disastrous fate of the local Jews.

Gruber’s Journey, directed by veteran Romanian filmmaker Radu Gabrea Fear Not Jacob, is the first Romanian fiction feature film to explore the Holocaust and the murder of the Romanian Jews. The film is based on Curzio Malaparte’s real wartime experiences chronicled in his 1944 novel Kaputt, which editor Edwin Frank calls “a terrifying report from the abyss…an insider’s dispatch from the world of the enemy that is as hypnotically fascinating as it is disturbing.”


Director: Radu Gabrea
Screenplay: Razvan Radulescu & Alexandru Baciu
Producers, Romania: Radu Gabrea, Victoria Cocias & Tudor Serban
Producer, Hungary: Laszlo Kantor
Director of Photography: Dinu Tanase
Editor: Melania Oproiu
Starring: Florin Piersic Jr., Marcel Iures, Udo Schenk, Claudiu Bleont, Razvan Vasilescu, Andi Vasluianu, Alexandru Bindea


For more on the history of Romania and the Holocaust, including background on the 1941 Isai Pogrom at the heart of Gruber’s Journey, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.


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Gruber's Journey
Calatoria lui Gruber

Romania, 2008, 100 minutes, color
Romanian, German & Italian with English Subtitles

Directed by Radu Gabrea

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