SILVER SAIL AWARD Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland (1964)

In this allegorical animated short based on the poem by Maurice Ogden, the people of a town are condemned to die one by one by a mysterious stranger who erects a gallows in the town square.

The remaining townspeople create a rationale for each hanging, until only one person is left. But the hangman's rope is really intended for "he who serves me best": the last survivor, he who has failed all along to raise his voice in protest and now shudders to find no one left to protest on his behalf.

The films' dark themes are complimented by a surreal illustration style and very limited animation. Narrated by Herschel Bernardi with music composed and conducted by Serge Hovey.

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The Hangman

USA, 1964, 12 minutes, color
Directed by Paul Julian and Les Goldman

Public Exhibition 16mm rental available





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