Hatikvah: The Hope

Germany, 1936, 48 minutes, B&W
Silent with German and English intertitles
Produced by the German Zionist Union

by The National Center for Jewish Film

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Public Exhibition Formats: Beta, 16MM


Created in 1936 in an effort to inspire German Jews under Nazi rule to make Aliyah, Hatikvah: The Hope is a documentary about the earliest period of Zionist history and a singular celluloid artifact. The film was made three years after the Nazi rise to power, at the narrow juncture in history when flight from Germany was both imperative and still possible.

The unique footage focuses on some major personalities in the Zionist movement, the constructive work carried out in Palestine by the first waves of immigration, and the religious life of Jews from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds. Palestine is portrayed here as a land where ideologies are challenged only by physical tasks such as land clearing and swamp draining. Omitted, however, are the political challenges posed by the British Mandate and growing tensions between Jewish immigrants and the indigenous Arab population.

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