His People

USA, 1925, 91 minutes, B&W
Silent with English Intertitles
Directed by Edward Sloman

with complete new English subtitles by
The National Center for Jewish Film

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"... Few silent films give so thorough a picture of Jewish home life in the American ghetto." - Tom Gunning, Outsiders as Insiders: Jews and the History of the American Silent Film

"Sloman's compelling vision of the painful depths and joyous heights of immigrant life endow the film with an exuberant vitality that captivates modern filmgoers and enlightens film historians." - Lester B. Friedman, Hollywood's Image of the Jew


In His People, the two sons of a poor Russian-Jewish pushcart peddler on New York's Lower East Side are both causing their father grief. Morris, a selfish, ambitious student, wants to become a lawyer, and in doing so tries to hide his background from his friends. Sammy gets a job to help pay his brother's college education, and to his father's horror, becomes a prizefighter and plans to marry an Irish girl.

As Morris and Sammy stray from traditions cherished by their parents, each generation learns to accept change in order to preserve the family as a source of love and respect

Director Sloman's images of New York's Lower East Side are so evocative that the viewer can almost hear the hustle and bustle of that thriving neighborhood during the 1920s.

Selected Screenings

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival - Introduction by Jonathan Sarna (2016)
Museum at Eldridge Street - with live music by Paul Shapiro and his sextet, New York, NY (2016)
Abrons Art Center - Henry Street Settlement, New York, NY (2015)
Opera North, Leeds UK (2014)
UK Jewish Film Festival (2012)
Jewish Culture Festival Society Krakow (2012)
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (2012)
Jewish Artists, Authors, Movies and Music Fest (JAAMM Fest) (2010)
Charlotte Jewish Film Festival (2010)
Three Rivers Film Festival (2009)
Rochester Jewish Film Festival (2009)
Amsterdam Jewish Film Festival (2008)

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