Zagreb Jewish Film Festival (2011)

At the age of nine, artist Vivienne Hermann was caught in a mass arrest on the streets of Prague and subsequently spent five years in forced labor camps in Czechoslovakia and Poland before being liberated by the Russians in 1945. “The Holocaust didn’t stop when I was liberated,” says Hermann, whose art aims to show the “longevity of the Holocaust.”

Through interviews with Hermann and her son, family photographs and letters, and images of Hermann’s artwork, the film responds to its eponymous question with a resounding 'Yes!'. As Hermann says in one scene: “I am the poem. I may be a tragic poem. I may be an irritating poem. But I am the poem.”


“A revealing look at a woman who has come to terms with her tormentors...”
- Rick Nathanson, The Albuquerque Journal

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Is There Poetry After Auschwitz?

USA, 1992, 60 minutes, color
Produced by Vivienne Hermann and Dale Sonnenberg

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