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RED RIBBON American Film and Video Festival
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International London Film Festival
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Films de Femmes
American Film Institute International Film Festival

"My own basic feeling about feminism and Judaism is that it should be a process of evolution rather than revolution and I think that we can find, what one could say are perhaps the seeds of a feminist approach, even in traditional Judaism." -Alice Shalvi

In this provocative documentary, seven remarkable women from Canada, Israel and the United States strive to find common ground between religious and cultural tradition and contemporary feminist principles. Focusing on the movement of women from observers to active participants -including the unprecedented occasion when in 1988 a group of women came together to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem- the film not only addresses issues of feminism, but of religious pluralism and civil rights, and the struggle for self-definition in a sometimes hostile environment.


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Half the Kingdom

Canada, 1989, 58 minutes
Directed by
Francine E. Zuckerman and Roushell N. Goldstein

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