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Washington Jewish Film Festival (2003)
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival (2003)
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival (2003)
Toronto Jewish Film Festival (2003)
Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival (2003)

The last rabbi of Kaifeng died well over a century ago, and today's descendants of the ancient Chinese Jewish community have never celebrated Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. Now two curious families have invited a modern group of Jewish travelers into their homes, leading to a reunion one thousand years in the making. Minyan In Kaifeng shows this unique journey and the unexpected meeting of cultures through the eyes of modern travelers from Australia, China, Israel, and the United States. It is a story of ancient Diaspora, of old dangers and newfound wisdom.

Leonard Nimoy narrates this modern story and the history of the Jews of Kaifeng, which begins in ancient Persia and evolves over a thousand years in the heart of the Middle Kingdom. For Jew and non-Jew alike, Minyan In Kaifeng asks us to examine the relationship between our individual communities and unique identities. And to carefully consider the long-term effect of our life choices on both.

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Minyan in Kaifeng:
A Modern Journey to an Ancient Chinese Jewish Community

USA, 2002, 74 minutes, color
Narrated by Leonard Nimoy Directed by Steven Calcote and Jonathan Shulman

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