Chicago YIVO Summer Festival of Yiddish Culture (2010)

Nemt (take!) is the last Yiddish inscription rescued from the walls of Vilnius, the “Jerusalem of Lithuania”, once a thriving capital of Jewish culture. Nemt is a film about the identity and universality of Yiddish culture. As one of the filmmakers returns to her native Lithuania as the film attempts to find clues to a history that was interrupted, first when part of her family was murdered in 1941 and later when the family left the Soviet world.

The narrative blends her childhood impressions with the memories of the preceding generation. This leads to a broader series of reflections on the survival of the Yiddish language in today’s world. The Summer Yiddish Program in Vilnius is the centerpiece of an investigation of the vitality and renaissance of a linguistic and spiritual treasure. Through Yiddish, the young people in the film seek to recapture a very long and integral part of European history. Hence the fact that so many, Jews and non-Jews, are now trying to revive the world of Yiddish within their present cultures. Though some painful memories are also evoked with this process, this film is an uplifting attempt to redefine the place of Yiddish in today’s world.


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Nemt: A Language Without a People For a People Without a Language

2004, France, 90 minutes,
color, English Version
Directed by Isabelle Rozenbaumas and Michel Grosman

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