René and I

USA, 2005, 75 minutes, color
Directed by Gina M. Angelone
Producers: Gina M. Angelone, Leora Kahn
& Zeva Oelbaum

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Public Exhibition Formats: Beta, DVD

"What makes Gina Angelone's documentary unique is the contrapuntal orchestration of two separate yet parallel voices that intertwine, diverge and reunite in the saga of twins, Irene and René, who survived Mengele's infamous Auschwitz experiments."
-Variety, February 11, 2005

“Riveting and powerfully moving…it breaks new ground…the brother and sister at the heart of the film are so gentle and loving, despite their horrific ordeal, that you never want the film to end.” – Peter Brunette, film scholar

"Gina Angelone employs an appropriately dignified, understated style in unraveling a unique Holocaust tale that is both intimate and epic, terrible and bittersweet. More than a history of lesson, René and I leaves audiences with a transformed view of human resiliency, and the preciousness and providence of life."
-Kenny Blank, Executive Director, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

“...audiences were extremely moved by this important and powerful film.”
-Aviva Weintraub, New York Jewish Film Festival


This courageous documentary tells the story of Irene and her twin brother René, Czech Jews sent to Auschwitz at age six. The siblings survived three years in the camp, where they were they were among the 3,000 twins experimented on by Josef Mengele and other Nazi doctors. Of those twins, only 160 survived.

A true tale of miraculous chance encounters, high-risk rescue, a dramatic reunion as the iron curtain is shutting closed, and incredible lives forged from Auschwitz to America, René and I is the story of two resilient souls who triumphed over inhumane circumstances with their emotional selves intact.


Special Jury Mention Jerusalem International Film Festival 2005
Best Documentary Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2005
Human Rights Award RiverRun International Film Festival 2006

Selected Screenings

Drew University (2014)
Appalachian State University (2014)
East Valley JCC (2011)
Merage JCC Pacific Jewish Film Festival (2010)
Limmud NY (2009)
Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival (2008)
Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre (2007)
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (2006)
RiverRun International Film Festival 2006
New York Jewish Film Festival (2005)
NCJF Jewish Film Festival (2005)

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Jerusalem International Film Festival (2005)


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