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Like other Jews who were forced to work in concert with the Nazis, Walter Suskind was considered a collaborator by many of his Jewish brethren. Suskind, a German Jewish salesman living in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation, was forced to serve as the Jewish head of deportation at the Hollandsche Schouwburg (the Jewish Theater), the main deportation site in Holland. What no one knew, however, until after his death, was that Suskind used his position to save an estimated 1000 Jewish children slated for transport to death camps. Suskind and a group of Dutch resistance workers orchestrated an elaborate and risky escape route for Jewish children. Secret Courage tells, for the first time, the story of these rescuers, and it resurrects the reputation of a man long considered a traitor.

While Suskind took the secret of his heroic work to his death, Secret Courage offers the voices of his compatriots: Five of the saved children and eleven of the Dutch resistance workers are interviewed, painting a story of a rescue operation fraught with intrigue and danger, and heavy with the burden of deciding who could be saved and who could not.


“I have seen hundreds of Holocaust film and this is one of the great ones. It triumphs because there is no triumph: the children and their honesty take over the film."
-Larry Langer, Holocaust historian

"This is a powerful piece. It certainly touched me time and again."
-Jeremy Goren, film critic

"What a riveting and emotional film. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. We need to be reminded of how precious life really is."
-Joyce Speaker, cousin of Dutch Holocaust survivors


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Secret Courage:
The Walter Suskind Story

Netherlands/USA, 2005, 82 minutes, B&W
Directed by Tim Morse & Karen Morse

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