"A voice called. I went. I went for it called. I went lest I fall. At the crossroads, I blocked both ears with white frost and cried for what I had lost."- Hannah Senesh.

A visionary poet who felt that she had been chosen for a special mission, Hannah Senesh left the Palestine kibbutz she had helped to build and parachuted into her native Hungary to rescue victims of the Holocaust at the tail end of the war. She was caught, imprisoned, tortured and killed at age twenty three. A visually poetic film and love letter to it's subject, Song of Hannah combines intimate interviews with a fellow prison inmate, her mission commander and family members, and weaves them with Hannah's poems and writings as well as with the voices of students at a school founded in her name.

These young students keep her spirit alive today, and Song of Hannah embraces them as storytellers, challenging young people to contribute to the collective memory of their history as the students trace Hannah's story from Hungary to Israel and back, from their hometown of Brooklyn, New York.


"Song of Hannah is an amazing opportunity to bring together audiences of youth and elders to forge an important exchange about courage, art and identity."
-Judith Helfand, award-winning filmmaker


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Song of Hannah

USA/ Hungary, 2005, 45 minutes
English, Hungarian and Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed by Nicole Opper

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