Berlin Film Festival (1992)

Schwartz's film directorial debut is a film within a film where a grandfather tells his grandchildren a cautionary tale about a Jewish political dissident writer who leaves his wife in Russia and heads for America where he starts to learn English and begins on the road to a new life as a journalist.

When he learns from a friend that his wife has died in Russia, the writer becomes involved with a cantor's daughter. The writer soon experiences the new "value" system among American Jews when the woman's parents do not approve of him because he is poor (even though he is more traditional than the wealthy man they have their eye on). This immigrant tale gets even more complicated when the first wife turns up and the cantor's daughter defies her parents by taking control of her own life decisions.

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The Unfortunate Bride
Di Umgliklikhe Kale

(reedited reissue of 1926 silent Broken Hearts)

USA, 1932, 68 minutes, b&w
Yiddish and English intertitles with music and sound sequences
Directed by Maurice Schwartz

with New English Subtitles by
The National Center for Jewish Film

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Public Exhibition 35mm Rental available





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