Montreal Jewish Film Festival (2003)

No story from the Cold War era provokes more debate than the arrest, trial, and execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on charges of espionage. Convicted of conspiring to pass the secret of the atomic bomb to the Soviets, the Rosenbergs were electrocuted on June 19, 1953.

Based on a compelling book and nationally touring art exhibit, this film shows the influence of the Rosenberg case on the work of artists past and present including Arthur Miller, poet Adrienne Rich, Picasso and many more. Dramatic readings by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Tony Randall, Ruby Dee, and Tovah Feldshuh illuminate the legacy of the Rosenberg case, while interviews with writers, painters, sculptors and others address the relationship between art and politics. The program concludes with brief on-camera commentary by Robert Meeropol, one of the Rosenbergs' sons, and Morton Sobell, their codefendant in the espionage trial.


"An important film for all those concerned with American history and the arts." - Library Journal

"... revives the Rosenberg story with depth and insight. "
- Valley Advocate


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Unknown Secrets:
Art and the Rosenberg Era

USA, 1990, 30 minutes, color
Directed by Daniel Keller, Charles Light & Rob Okun

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