“At once intimate and epic and an impeccable period re-creation, Where to and Back is a masterpiece shot in gritty black and white and populated by several dozen richly drawn characters.”
– Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“Remarkable films.”
– Deborah J. Kunk, Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“A filmmaker whose restless, intelligent camera eye is always fixed on the fresh and illuminating phrase, gesture, moment.”
– John Powers, L.A. Weekly

“The story of individuals compelled to reshape their identities against the backdrop of World War II.“
– Annette Insdorf, New York Times

“The cast is perfect... What Corti and Troller have done is what artists do: illuminate the life, the lives, within the history – the terrible drama, the bizarre comedy, the wry contradictions.”
– Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic

Three films comprise Where to and Back directed by Axel Corti and written by Georg Stefan Troller. The trilogy is loosely based on Troller’s life as a Viennese Jew who fled Europe as a teenager, emigrated to the United States, and returned to Europe during World War II as an American soldier.

Each of these full length feature films – which are connected to each other by an advancing chronology and a series of overlapping characters – are meant to be viewed together, but each is a stand-alone masterpiece of filmmaking.

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