Filmed in Poland, Israel and London, Zegota: A Time to Remember documents the clandestine efforts of diverse Polish groups -Catholics, socialists, independents and others- to save Jewish lives despite great personal risks.

The London-based Polish Government-in-Exile was probably the first allied government to realize Hitler's intention to annihilate the Jews of Europe. They urged the leaders of the United States and Great Britain to aid the Jews. Frustrated by the Allied Governments' rejection of active intervention, the exiled Polish leaders encouraged an effort to save Jewish lives by utilizing elements of the Polish Underground Home Army and civilian participation. They formed an organization called "Council to Aid the Jews," code-named "Zegota." This was the only government-sponsored social welfare agency established to rescue Jews in German-occupied Europe.

This documentary's positive reference to Polish assistance to Jews makes it an ideal supplement to high school and college-level Holocaust studies, and adult interfaith discussion groups.

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A Time to Remember

USA, 1992, 52 minutes, color
Produced by Sy Rotter and Andrzej Sikora






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