The National Center for Jewish Film's
18th Annual Film Festival Jewishfilm.2015

It's a Wrap!

16 film premieres over 24 screenings with 2 dozen special guests!

NCJF's Festival Press Coverage!
Boston Globe
- "Festival Has Strong Lineup, Points of View"
Boston Globe - "Forbidden Films Looks at the Dark Side of the Silver Screen"
Boston Globe - "Mark Your Calendars - Critics Pick"
Jewish Journal - "NCJF Film Festival is a Family Affair"
Jewish Advocate - "18th Year Lineup"
Jewish Advocate - "Sophie Tucker, Theodore Bikel & Post-War Jews Among

Chicago Premiere: Mamele at Spertus | Buy Tickets
Sunday, May 31, 2:00 pm
Post-Film Discussion with NCJF Co-Director Lisa Rivo

JUF News Article | Read

New Release: Raise the Roof
A New Documentary Film by Yari & Cari Wolinsky
Just Announced: BEST FILM Audience Award - Philadelphia JFF!
Now on tour:
Philadelphia - May 4; Boston - May 14; Los Angeles - May 18-19
Recently featured on WCVB Boston Chronicle | Watch Now

Sharon Pucker Rivo honored by
Washington Jewish Film Festival
at Breaking Home Ties event screening | Festival Site

Read feature on Rivo & NCJF in Washington Post | Article

New Release: Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem
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“Je Suis Charlie, Je Suis Juif”
Yves Jeuland’s documentary Being Jewish in France (Comme un Juif en France)
“There's a Yiddish saying: 'Hard to be a Jew'; Jeuland's film adds the qualifier 'in France.' Unlike similar American docs, Being Jewish in France is neither a bittersweet nor a triumphalist tale of adaptation and achievement.” —Village Voice

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Mamele starring Molly Picon - NCJF Digital Restoration
“Sparkling gem… Picon is so delicious and quirky, you want to give her a knip in bekl (pinch her cheek).” – Forward
“Here are words to live by: Anything with Molly Picon is worth seeing. Mamele (is a) marvelous comic melodrama.” – KQED Public Radio
Critics Pick

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
"A fascinating assemblage of interviews, footage, and analysis. It is highly recommended." –Jewish Daily Forward
"Taking the Banality Out of Evil", Forward |
"...Evil but not Banal", New York Times | Link

Kol Nidre (1939) - NCJF Digital Restoration
A bissel of this, a bissel of that, Kol Nidre has a little bit of everything, combining family melodrama and romance with popular songs, cantorial music and comic bits in an inventive pastiche of themes and styles.

American Jerusalem: Jews and the Making of San Francisco
CRITICS PICK - One of the Top 10 films of the year, San Francisco Chronicle
WINNER - CINE Golden Eagle Award

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Women's Studies, Films by Edgar G. Ulmer, Films by Axel Corti & More!

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