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The Land Was Theirs, set in New Jersey, is about Jewish farmers and their communities. It opens a window on the wider experience of immigrants who came to America in search of a better life and found it in the rural countryside. The new farmers, a minority group living in dynamic tension with the larger culture, managed to adapt to new lifestyles and conventions while maintaining their religious and cultural heritage.

In the end, The Land Was Theirs is about all newcomers to America trying to establish roots and retain their ethnic identity.

U Critical Acclaim

"What a triumph! It's a wonderful and provocative piece as important as any I have seen on the American Jewish experience."
- Abraham J. Peck, American Jewish Archives

" a fascinating presentation of a subject I had known only marginally... a program that was charming and informative without falling into the clutches of academe."
- New York Times

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The Land Was Theirs

USA, 1993, 55 minutes, color/B&W
Directed by Gertrude Dubrovsky

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