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France, 1999, 24 minutes, color
French with English subtitles
Directed by Daniel Meyers

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This documentary tells the story of Rachel and Leon, two young Jewish siblings who were sheltered by a working class family in the Nazi-occupied town of Compiegne, France during World War II. The children's parents never returned and they were "adopted" into the Catholic family. These two children were the only Jews to survive the entire war in Compiegne, and now live in the United States.

The film revolves around the return of Rachel and Leon to Compiegne for their "adopted" mother's 90th birthday party. We see interviews with all the surviving principals in the story, Rachel and Leon visiting the old apartment from which their parents were deported, and a scene at the birthday party. The story is framed in its historical context by narration, archival photographs and family home movie footage. A moving, personal story of courage and memory recommended for children as well as adults.

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