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Jewish Film Festival, Berkeley, California (1992)
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (1992)

From her apartment in New York, eighty-year-old Louise Zilkha reviews the highlights of her life that began with a traditional Jewish upbringing in Baghdad. Zilkha reminisces about her youth, of playing Queen Esther and of her arranged courtship and marriage to a leading Middle Eastern banker. She talks about the often turbulent coexistence of Iraqi Jews and Moslems, and of the persecution and threats that led the family on a journey out of Iraq to Beirut, Cairo, and finally, New York.

The film is at once a very personal portrait and a documentary tribute to a lost culture.

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U Also Directed by Jamil Simon

Baklava and the Meaning of Life


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Nana: Un Portrait

USA, 1972, 23 minutes, color
French with English subtitles
Directed by Jamil Simon

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