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Kehillah of Chester County Summer Shorts Film Festival (2015)
Los Angeles Sephardic Film Festival (2000)

Where does one find the meaning of life? Perhaps it lies in the kitchen of sculptor Helene Simon, where she shows us how to make her world famous Baklava. Through a generous helping of her wisdom and insight about the process of creation, in both food and sculpture, we learn that true joy in life unfolds when we allow ourselves to do what we love.

Helene Simon was born in Baghdad, Iraq and educated at Bedford College in London. After studying Islamic art in Egypt, she came to the U.S. and continued her art education the galleries, museums and colleges of New York City where she still resides today. As she approached her fifties, with her children grown and her husband and friends settling into old age, Helene was still searching for something. She discovered sculpture and for thirty years, working out of a Manhattan studio, she created beautiful works in stone that are in museums and private collections around the world. Along the way, she also made some wonderful Baklava. Now, you can too.

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Baklava and the Meaning of Life

USA, 1999, 23 minutes, color
Directed by Jamil Simon

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