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Federal & State

Since NCJF’s founding, the Center has received uninterrupted support from the National Endowment for the Arts (initially through the American Film Institute) to assist with the preservation of nitrate film materials. The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded NCJF a Challenge Grant in 1984. At the state level, the Massachusetts Cultural Council has awarded continuous operational support funding for more than thirty years, and in the 1980s (when such grants were available) a number of conservation grants for film preservation.

Foundations & Corporations

NCJF has received substantial grants from the National Film Preservation Foundation for the preservation of rare, “orphan” films.

Eastman Kodak Company supports NCJF by donating film stock for the Center’s film restorations.

The Righteous Persons Foundation and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany have been generous supporters of NCJF’s cataloging initiative. Annual allocations from Combined Jewish Philanthropies contributes to operating funds.

Supporters in the film industry and the film archive community include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Loews Theaters, Orion Pictures, Universal Studios, Louis B. Mayer Foundation, Films Incorporated, Swank Motion Pictures, Northeast Historic Films, Janice Allen & Cinema Arts Inc, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Library of Congress.

Reel Funders

Individuals who contribute to the Center’s on-going Reel Funder campaign have provided invaluable support, help, and encouragement.

NCJF has received generous support from many individuals and family foundations, including substantial support from Henry & Edith Everett, Arnold & Ruth Picker, and Charles and Isa Rutenberg in establishing the NCJF Yiddish Film Collection; Foundation supporters include the following: Wellfleet Foundation, Kolker Foundation, Koret Foundation, Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, S. H. & Helen R. Scheuer Family Foundation.

2013 Annual Appeal Leadership Support includes: Everett Family Foundation, Jules Bernstein & Linda Lipsett, Jane Scovell, Reuben Auspitz & Dawn Good Elk, Simon Schama, Eve & Stephen Milstein, Harvey & Susan Sherzer, Carol Hirsh, Justin Freed, Phyllis Hammer, Amy Mates & Billy Mencow, Hila & Gerry Feil, Stephen & Eileen Samuels, Lenore & Steve Scheffer, Jeff & Mary Zients, Eveline & Guy Weyl, Ariella Rosengard, Herb & Wendy Bloom, Niki & Alan Friedberg, Ronald Garfunkel & Sande Breakstone, David & Carol Mersky, Jane Rabb, Vladimir & Lena Savikovsky, Bucky Stein, Max Weintraub, Peter Banks, Elinor Gordon, Jeffrey & Deborah Hirsch, Miriam Jost, Florence & Richard Koplow, Barbara & Alvin Krakow, Lynn & Jules Kroll, Bob & Evelyn Simha, David Weinstein, Ron Weinger, Gerald Austin, Richard & Marcy Curtis, John Gillig, Bernie & Sue Pucker, Rebecca Rivo, Ken & Leslie Pucker, George Reiss, Gerald & Susan Slavet, Carol & Steven Tannenbaum, Oscar Rosenbloom, Robert Bernacchi, Caryl Goodman & Austin Wertheimer, Judith Kostman, Luciana & Fritz Noymer, Richard & Helen Balon, Solon & Margery Beinfeld, Jean Carrus, Shulamith Elster, Moises & Mary Gelrud, Mona Golabek, James Gould, David Israel, Joseph Kahan & Claudia Davidson, Jay & Robin Kroopnick, Suzanne Priebatsch, Jon & Marcie Pucker, Denise & Gary Rosenberg, Valya Shapiro, Morton & Roz Heafitz, Marty Zelnik, Frank & Beverly Zweiman, Charles Brophy, Jeffrey Kravitz, Pam Berger, Eva Fogelman, Paul Mazursky


Thousands of rare and endangered films with artistic and educational value relevant to the Jewish experience and exclusively owned by NCJF are in critical need of preservation. Without your help, these rapidly deteriorating moving images will fade into history. Donate funds. Donate films. Donate film stills, posters, scripts, and handbills. Contributions to The National Center for Jewish Film are tax-deductible.

Earned Income

NCJF relies on earned income to help sustain its unique work. NCJF activities include: licensing film footage rights to new film and theater productions and museum exhibitions; distributing films (more than 250 restored classics and new independent films) for public exhibition at film festivals and non-theatrical venues and for DVD sale to institutions and individuals; acting as a fiscal sponsor (non-profit parent organization) for new films in production. These activities also further NCJF’s mission, which includes making available to the widest possible audience films documenting the vibrancy and diversity of Jewish life.

In Kind Support - Brandeis University

Since its establishment in 1976, NCJF has been located on the campus of Brandeis University. Invited onto the campus by Brandeis President Marver Bernstein, NCJF has received generous and sustaining in-kind support and encouragement from the University. NCJF collaborates closely with the University, its numerous departments, centers and institutes, especially the Department of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies.


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